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  1. RT2002MCS

    2002 Dark Silver MCS - One for life

    I have continued to restore the underbody and removing rust from exposed brackets and bolts. Conducted an oil and filter change also, out with the old and in with the new. The front bumper mounts taken back to bare metal and painted. Subframe and ARB have been dropped off to be shot blasted with the ARB being powder coated. I have sprayed copious amounts of cavity wax into the box sections. I found 3 either factory or dealer fit shims behind the radiator cowling on the drivers side, why I do not know perhaps some mis-alignment on the front bumper, after removing the rust and painting them I will be putting them back on. A nice pile of rust in the corner. Getting close to re-assembly and installation back on the car, with lots of repainted parts.
  2. RT2002MCS

    2002 Dark Silver MCS - One for life

    Carrying on slowly with the restoration of the underbody and front subframe components. The subframe and ARB will be getting dropped of at the shot blasting company on Friday which when returned will go through the rust prevention and painting treatment. I have been cleaning, preparing, painting and generally laying on the garage floor under the car in readiness for the subframe being re-installed. I am waiting on multiple small deliveries to get things completed, paint, clips to replace broken and rusted items, oil, oil filter, socket to remove the oil filter housing, Dremel scotchbrite cleaning attachments and temperature aluminium tape. All visible surface rust (visible to me) has been removed with a belt sander, rust treated, zinc primed, seam sealed if needed, painted in stone chip and then top coated, until I ran out of paint. I have been removing rusted seized bolts, wire wheeling them and painting in a high temperature laquer. The general condition was good for a 17 year old car, much different to to the rear end. To complete are the bumper bracket mounts, power steering rack, paint the remaining underbody, paint subframe, paint ARB, paint the front wishbone brackets, put it all back together and then on the car, sounds easy probably about a month in duration though. Some random images or what I have been looking at under the car and the current progress being made.
  3. RT2002MCS

    2002 Dark Silver MCS - One for life

    Power steering pump bracket now rust free
  4. RT2002MCS

    2002 Dark Silver MCS - One for life

    Subframe has now been dis-assembled, waiting for delivery to be shot blasted, the steering components will be given a good clean they appear to be in reasonable condition. Anti roll bar brackets wire wheeled on the grinder and painted, next up for this treatment is the power steering pump bracket.
  5. RT2002MCS

    2002 Dark Silver MCS - One for life

    Collecting some nuts and bolts to be cleaned up and then laquer and a small section rust on the subframe. The subframe will be shot blasted, rust treated, zinc coated and then painted.
  6. RT2002MCS

    2002 Dark Silver MCS - One for life

    First job is to remove the front Anti Roll Bar, clean it up and install new powerflex bushes. I had to get the fire out.
  7. RT2002MCS

    2002 Dark Silver MCS - One for life

    I also knew that this would happen.
  8. RT2002MCS

    2002 Dark Silver MCS - One for life

    Lower Engine Mount removed and refurbished (Before & After)
  9. RT2002MCS

    2002 Dark Silver MCS - One for life

    This is what the rusted sections looked like after 24 hours of Deox C gel treatment. Quote of the day from my 7 year old son “Rust is your enemy Daddy”. It has been since it ate away my MG Metro back in the early 1990’s.
  10. RT2002MCS

    2002 Dark Silver MCS - One for life

    I removed the power steering pump fan to refurbish it. One of the screws was rotten and had to have a slot cut in it. Some before and after photos.
  11. RT2002MCS

    2002 Dark Silver MCS - One for life

    I have an internal dilemma currently. Do I remove the front subframe and have it completely refurbished like I did with the rear of car? I just know if I do then I can probably write off at least 4 months and lots of money. The car is back on axle stands and I am picking off small things at once. The underbody has only two small areas of surface rust, so I have ground back and it is currently being treated with Deox C rust killer. It will the be primed seam sealed and painted. I have also started to correct sections of the front subframe (the worst parts).
  12. RT2002MCS

    2002 Dark Silver MCS - One for life

    Completed the front dash, I managed to pick up from eBay two end panels hydro dipped in carbon. Before & After images
  13. RT2002MCS

    2002 Dark Silver MCS - One for life

    Eventually got the steering wheel inserts installed, I ended up with a real carbon cover on the lower inserts and having to hydro dip the two controls (due to supplier issues in Italy). Still ended up getting the real carbon item for free. Also an image of the Recaro rear bench repaired and in the car.
  14. RT2002MCS

    2002 Dark Silver MCS - One for life

    I purchased some steering wheel real carbon covers for the 3 inserts, but unfortunately i have been having some difficultly. First delivery was for an R56, second delivery was for an R53 with additional holes for the buttons for Bluetooth and also a damaged item, I am waiting for delivery number 3 of the side inserts. Bottom one is in and looks good.

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