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  1. I also installed a battery cut of switch I was sick of it going flat as I don’t use the car much
  2. Sorted out the panoramic sunroof seal this morning. https://www.newtis.info/tisv2/a/en/f10-535i-xdrive-lim/repair-manuals/54-slide-tilt-sunroof-soft-top/54-12-slide-tilt-sunroof/1MBcBubD
  3. Given the strange world we are all currently existing in, I thought I’d get some normality going (thank god I’m classed as a key worker). I installed one of my Christmas gifts - Helix short shifter - it certainly does what’s it states and has reduced the gear Shift travel. Before, during and after photos attached. I also have the same item for a 2004 onwards model if anybody would like to collect it, provided in error by the supplier. The convertible is in for its MOT next week, all appears fine I am just awaiting delivery of coolant to change that out. http://store.helix13.com/template/install_guides/SSK.pdf
  4. After a failed order and then a lengthy wait my cheap EBay impact driver arrived. 10 minutes later my power flex bushes are installed on the rear coilovers. Now waiting to go back on the car. The drivers seat was installed in the cabriolet also. (Still needs further refining on the colour) but now the previous owners odour is gone completely. (Dog owner)
  5. Drivers seat now repaired and recoloured some before and afters, drying for 24 hours before protection.
  6. Seat belt pre-tensioner and rails swapped over from existing seat and passenger seat repaired and installed
  7. The rear leather seats have been repaired and installed in the convertible. Not perfect but so much better and one more removal of the previous owners odour.
  8. The convertible will be getting a full dark blue leather interior installed, purchased really cheap off eBay full of scratches and tears these have been repaired, I am waiting delivery of the colour restorer to bring back to near perfect condition, all for £85.00
  9. Other Christmas gifts included. Helix short shifter, I am currently in negotiations with Lohen as they have supplied the incorrect item and also a power flex steering rack bush.
  10. Christmas brought mini related gifts, I started the installation. Easy task I thought to start with install power flex bushes on the rear coil overs. 3 bolts out they came very easy full of cooper grease. The threaded section on the top of Tyhr coilover had a small flat section hold in place with spanner and turn the nylock nut no movement, OK hold the flat in a vice and oh F*** it sheared off. Waiting on the delivery of an impact driver to smash them off.
  11. Been there but I didn’t get away with it the trolley jack went straight through the side skirt. My response was the same with an adapter, never slipped since.
  12. After damaging beyond repair my IPhone cable when taking the interior apart in the summer (trapped it in the seat runner) which I had installed 12 years ago and failing to finding a replacement that worked, I decided it was time for some Bluetooth. New pioneer head unit installed nothing fancy. Some during and after I mages.
  13. Winter plans are not too extensive. 1. Install oil cooler 2. Install new air con condenser (after degas) 3. Sort out paint chips on front splitter 4. Possibly install a quick shift mechanism 5. Roll about on the garage floor and clean the underside (I have done far too much work to not do this) 6. Full machine polish and protection.
  14. Covered over 1000 enjoyable miles this year, tax has run out so it’s now back in the garage on axle stands inspecting how well everything has held up so far all looks OK. Nothing really major planned over the winter yet. I stupidly clipped a kerb at high speed back in the summer so dropped 2 wheels off to be repaired today. Did a little clean up of the front struts and hubs whilst condition checking also installed a pair of power flex roll centre adjusters with a pair of new SKF outer ball joints.
  15. Everything is now back together on the cabriolet and another experience created within the knowledge bank, all the previous owners filth cleaned from the top of the gearbox with some rusty brackets painted.
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