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  1. Also forgot about my ongoing messing about with the noise on the cabriolet, so the last instalment had me at the lower engine mount, nope not that but a new one installed, OK what next the gearbox mount it had a split rubber, a right faff on getting one new nobody seem to stock them, got a perfectly good used item. Has the noise gone, nope, my 9 year old son is then recruited to detect the location of the noise, he sends me to the rear drivers side which I thought it was all along which is why I ended up finding the knackered exhaust hanger. I removed the arch liner and found a rear trailing a
  2. Next up change the rear calliper and probably spend a week bleeding the brakes again, better buy some more brake fluid just in case.
  3. Eventually the interior is now back together, having waited far too patiently for the A & B pillars initially, then snapping a clip on the C pillar, I then went to install everything on the drivers side and whilst climbing into the boot my fat arse sat on the remote boot release and snapped the stupid little plastic connector, I tried to repair it but then dropped it in the sawdust within the workshop area (lost forever) Replacement unit was ordered second hand off eBay as I did not want to take everything apart again. All now installed with new clips, more foam padding, lots of anti squea
  4. The B & C pillars have eventually been delivered. As I am sure everyone who takes Minis apart and puts them back together knows nothing ever is achieved first time. Today’s adventure involved the drivers side C pillar after a lot of dexterity and help from my wife I gave up on reattaching the item to prevent it being ejected off by the air bag, on the premise I am the only person whoever goes in the car. Went to insert it back into the clips (the item in the photo) and it wouldn’t I was at risk of snapping a tab so I thought I would remove the clip and fit it on the tab, I snap
  5. In for the long run? Good luck And be patient.
  6. I forgot an update from earlier in the year on the cabriolet, rear quarter repair this was far worse than I ever expected as it was rusted through, completely filled the interior section with Dynax UC wax. I still have the drivers side to complete.
  7. New calliper for MOT advisory ordered and painted, drying and hardening prior to installation
  8. I had a couple of hours spare this morning it was sunny I thought I would sort out a huge paint chip in the passenger door on the convertible, this car is a dog and is testing my patience. I ended up getting rid of three rust spots, but I have to accept I will be going back to it as the base of the door is starting to rust (also the drivers door) And the doors will need to come off. My wife did remind me it was always going to be a project. This really needs to be in a body shop, using rattle cans is OK but not professional, but that is an expensive option on this car.
  9. Still waiting for the B & C pillars to arrive I have been promised them by Friday. Whilst the whole rear interior trim was removed I have upgraded the speakers to match the head unit, I also replaced the front speakers also, as the passenger side decided to detach itself and was vibrating a lot.
  10. You all need to stop doing improvements like this, I really like them. It is only going to cost me money. Very nice.
  11. It’s all back together, operational and tidied up ready for the delivery of parts.
  12. Well that actually worked thank you by wiggling the cables although the car is now in a right mess.
  13. Whilst I have the rear of the car completely stripped out I have decided to upgrade my rear speakers to match the pioneer head unit I installed. The drivers side speaker is not working (no sound), I initially think it’s the connectors I installed, so I put the original speaker back in and that does not work either, I install the new speaker in the passenger side that’s all OK test both the original speakers and no sound from the drivers, both the front speakers on the drivers side are working. I have altered the head unit settings to also test the speakers and no sound
  14. Carbon dipped B & C pillars are on the way, preparation of the removal of the interior is complete.
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