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  1. After damaging beyond repair my IPhone cable when taking the interior apart in the summer (trapped it in the seat runner) which I had installed 12 years ago and failing to finding a replacement that worked, I decided it was time for some Bluetooth. New pioneer head unit installed nothing fancy. Some during and after I mages.
  2. Winter plans are not too extensive. 1. Install oil cooler 2. Install new air con condenser (after degas) 3. Sort out paint chips on front splitter 4. Possibly install a quick shift mechanism 5. Roll about on the garage floor and clean the underside (I have done far too much work to not do this) 6. Full machine polish and protection.
  3. Covered over 1000 enjoyable miles this year, tax has run out so it’s now back in the garage on axle stands inspecting how well everything has held up so far all looks OK. Nothing really major planned over the winter yet. I stupidly clipped a kerb at high speed back in the summer so dropped 2 wheels off to be repaired today. Did a little clean up of the front struts and hubs whilst condition checking also installed a pair of power flex roll centre adjusters with a pair of new SKF outer ball joints.
  4. Everything is now back together on the cabriolet and another experience created within the knowledge bank, all the previous owners filth cleaned from the top of the gearbox with some rusty brackets painted.
  5. I really thought the unwelcome greeting I got from your wife when collecting parts was due to me turning up early. I now know it was you and your Mini addiction and spending too much money.
  6. Started the strip down to replace the gear cables on the cabriolet when they eventually arrive, with the offending damaged bush.
  7. Me time means spending far too much money on cars.
  8. Some small updates only. My attempt at carbon skinning the a pillars unfortunately delaminated after a couple of years service, so had a pair carbon dipped. Added some chrome wheel bolts to tidy up the four corners. Picked up a reasonably priced second hand Mocal Oil Cooler, already mounted in a front crash bar, doing what I do with these things, wire wheeled the crash bar, painted the oil cooler and brackets, re-secured with stainless M6 bolts and nuts, replaced the seals on the adapter (as advised), then it's on to installation. In other news the family cabriolet is being rather frustrating, lost complete power to the whole car (50 amp ignition fuse being blown) The AA advised it was the battery, replaced that all OK for a while, then failed again, so it wasn't the battery, finally diagnosed (not by me) as a GPS tracker that had been installed that was potentially shorting out and blowing the ignition fuse, this has been removed, then the little Red devil decided to give me a very sloppy gear lever and access to only 3rd & 4th gear (interesting drive home through traffic lights). That fault I could diagnose and the gear cable is completely knackered with a detached rubber boot on the ball joint, new parts ordered and waiting delivery, another learning for me, you tube research has started. After a wash "Still looking good for a 17 year old"
  9. It will of course be much better, but I am really trying to hold myself back, although having done so much on my S everything seems much simpler, I changed my first upper engine mount today as all the hydraulic fluid had leaked out (45 minutes in total) what a difference it has made, no vibrations or noise, great way to spend your holidays.
  10. Not an actual update on my car, I have actually been driving it occasionally, with big smiles related to the handing and noise. Added this family convertible to the fleet last month, cheap and rough and have been spending time to sort it out mechanically and visually. It's much better than when we collected it 4 weeks ago, I have even spray painted the boot lid and got rid of the rust around the rear light cluster. It's amazing how people look after cars (or don't) I had to remove the whole interior to clean it correctly to get rid of the dog odour. I have a made commitment to myself that I will not do what I have done on my Cooper S (which is now 17 years old). Although my 5 year daughter has asked is she can have it when she is old enough (oh no)
  11. The car was placed on a SORN in December 2016, this is the final part of getting it back on the road, after driving a countryman during that time I forgot how much I enjoyed driving my R53.
  12. Dropped off earlier in the week with those I trust at AW Autoworks to check over everything I had done, pre MOT inspection and MOT.
  13. Date in the diary after all the work, MOT and full alignment scheduled for April 12th
  14. Some maintenance activity, which of course escalates. Thermostat replaced (relatively straightforward) and the MAP sensors cleaned. I then ended up having to restore the rusted MAP sensor bracket and sort out all the rusty bolts by wire wheeling and then applying a coat of laquer. I gave the throttle body and bypass valve a good clean and relubricated the ball joints on the gear linkages. Just waiting for the delivery of some new M4 bolts that hold he MAP sensors in place, due to the rotten original items, then all back together, checked out by the professionals, MOT and taxed and then driven when the weather improves.
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