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  1. It will of course be much better, but I am really trying to hold myself back, although having done so much on my S everything seems much simpler, I changed my first upper engine mount today as all the hydraulic fluid had leaked out (45 minutes in total) what a difference it has made, no vibrations or noise, great way to spend your holidays.
  2. Not an actual update on my car, I have actually been driving it occasionally, with big smiles related to the handing and noise. Added this family convertible to the fleet last month, cheap and rough and have been spending time to sort it out mechanically and visually. It's much better than when we collected it 4 weeks ago, I have even spray painted the boot lid and got rid of the rust around the rear light cluster. It's amazing how people look after cars (or don't) I had to remove the whole interior to clean it correctly to get rid of the dog odour. I have a made commitment to myself that I will not do what I have done on my Cooper S (which is now 17 years old). Although my 5 year daughter has asked is she can have it when she is old enough (oh no)
  3. The car was placed on a SORN in December 2016, this is the final part of getting it back on the road, after driving a countryman during that time I forgot how much I enjoyed driving my R53.
  4. Dropped off earlier in the week with those I trust at AW Autoworks to check over everything I had done, pre MOT inspection and MOT.
  5. Date in the diary after all the work, MOT and full alignment scheduled for April 12th
  6. Some maintenance activity, which of course escalates. Thermostat replaced (relatively straightforward) and the MAP sensors cleaned. I then ended up having to restore the rusted MAP sensor bracket and sort out all the rusty bolts by wire wheeling and then applying a coat of laquer. I gave the throttle body and bypass valve a good clean and relubricated the ball joints on the gear linkages. Just waiting for the delivery of some new M4 bolts that hold he MAP sensors in place, due to the rotten original items, then all back together, checked out by the professionals, MOT and taxed and then driven when the weather improves.
  7. Everything is back on the car and looking so much better, I avoided the front subframe for so long believing it to be a task too far for myself but this has been relatively straightforward compared with the rear end of the car.
  8. Ready to be attached back on the car, I had forgotten that Cooper grease gets every where.
  9. Front subframe is now in paint, after the rust killer did it's job, the item was then completely wire wheeled on the grider, covered in Bilthammer hydrate 80, Bilthammer Electrox zinc primer and finished is Por15 top coat. It will be completed today, left to harden for a couple of days and then re-assembly can begin.
  10. Front ARB has now been shot blasted, powder coated (Red) with new powerflex bushes installed. Front subframe collected after shot blasting, after previous experience I asked that it not be powder coated as it seems on highly pitted items it still leaves some evidence of rust. It is currently coated in Bilthammer Deox C gel (rust killer) and wrapped in cling film for the rest of the week. After which it will be cleaned and any final grinding or wire wheel work completed, it will then be coated in Bilthammer hydrate 80 to get to any final rust that is left. Then primed, painted, and all internal cavities covered in cavity wax.
  11. I have continued to restore the underbody and removing rust from exposed brackets and bolts. Conducted an oil and filter change also, out with the old and in with the new. The front bumper mounts taken back to bare metal and painted. Subframe and ARB have been dropped off to be shot blasted with the ARB being powder coated. I have sprayed copious amounts of cavity wax into the box sections. I found 3 either factory or dealer fit shims behind the radiator cowling on the drivers side, why I do not know perhaps some mis-alignment on the front bumper, after removing the rust and painting them I will be putting them back on. A nice pile of rust in the corner. Getting close to re-assembly and installation back on the car, with lots of repainted parts.
  12. Carrying on slowly with the restoration of the underbody and front subframe components. The subframe and ARB will be getting dropped of at the shot blasting company on Friday which when returned will go through the rust prevention and painting treatment. I have been cleaning, preparing, painting and generally laying on the garage floor under the car in readiness for the subframe being re-installed. I am waiting on multiple small deliveries to get things completed, paint, clips to replace broken and rusted items, oil, oil filter, socket to remove the oil filter housing, Dremel scotchbrite cleaning attachments and temperature aluminium tape. All visible surface rust (visible to me) has been removed with a belt sander, rust treated, zinc primed, seam sealed if needed, painted in stone chip and then top coated, until I ran out of paint. I have been removing rusted seized bolts, wire wheeling them and painting in a high temperature laquer. The general condition was good for a 17 year old car, much different to to the rear end. To complete are the bumper bracket mounts, power steering rack, paint the remaining underbody, paint subframe, paint ARB, paint the front wishbone brackets, put it all back together and then on the car, sounds easy probably about a month in duration though. Some random images or what I have been looking at under the car and the current progress being made.
  13. Power steering pump bracket now rust free
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