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  1. Well done Greeig Defo the best pic by far Mate
  2. Now then Any of you guys goin to this in Ouston which is 12 miles from the Championship, sorry, Newcastle, this Sunday http://www.fastlaneshow.co.uk/the-show
  3. You've gotta laugh ">https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7rUy9_a4xAA
  4. JT

    School Run

    A five year old girl is usually driven to school everyday by her Grandpa but one day he had man flu and so Granny drove her instead. That night the little girl told her parents that the ride to school with granny was very different. What made it different ? Ask her parents. "Oh", she said, "Granny and I didn't see a single to*ser, blind bastard, foreign pr*ck or w*nk*r anywhere on the way to school today"
  5. Well I had a fantastic night. The atmosphere was incredible, the noise level was louder than against the mags 3-0, stayed up and I had the score and Van Aanholt to score, "Oh happy days" Today is a good day.
  6. Now then Pedro This sounds great, in the diary
  7. Have a good'un people, I'll be at the SOL hoping for a victory
  8. 10 mins is a great time in those conditions Greeig Well done Mate Bugger, I'm in Norfolk at our bike club AGM We will have to get sorted and get there together
  9. Now then Geeig Weather looks shite but glad you had great fun Mate That sharp left that comes back on itself follows a medium tight right if it's the one your talking about and a great, safe place to fuck u cause of the relatively slow speed and loadsa run off onto that grass on the outside Well done for pushing in the wet Mate Cars look Mega, bet they sounded awesome That shot from behind that Mark is talking about is an off camber, over a hill which upsets the suspension on the car or bike down into Pflanzgarten, a great fast part and that jump at the bottom before the lovely double apex right Change word you up . Great pic Get any times Greeig ? How was the journey over and back ?
  10. Covered 1717 miles in total at an average of 23.2mpg (it wasn't 25 after the last evening session ) and 55 mph average speed. Car was brilliant, comfortable, covered ground fast, informative (the Sat Nav is superb and trip info fantastic, including giving lat and long points and altitude at any given time I care to look ) and never missed a beat, very happy Had a quick look at the vid's last night, will post soon
  11. Hard frost this morning but the good news is the sun is high in a clear blue sky for ya Greeig hope it stays like this Mate
  12. Wed 27th Woke to snow falling quite heavily and not looking like it was gonna lift soon so we headed to the City of Luxembourg, in Luxembourg. Kept off the Autobahns and found some mega roads and an absolute peach, the 257 which lasts forever and is wide with a perfect surface, how do they do that ? And fantastic scenery over every crest and bend in the road. Luxembourg was lovely, very nice designer modern shops in the centre but also lovely narrow, old and quaint streets. The sun came out and was lovely if a little cold. We found a very nice independent small cafe for coffee and a light lunch, had a look around a three storey toy shop (still a kid at heart lol) and then found a Chocolatier shop with an upstairs cafe. Their hot chocolate drinks were served as a hot mug of milk with the chocolate being a solid block of chocolate on the end of a wooden spoon, different flavours but also some alcohol ones that had a small 'pipette' of alcohol, in my case whiskey, that flowed into the mix as the chocolate melted, great fun and different. We had an enormous piece of chocolate cake and three special chocolates between us, absolutely gorgeous. We headed back to Nurburg via the Autobahn and hit sleet and snow again but as we got to the 'Ring' it cheered up and the sun appeared. We filled up and went straight out for a couple of laps. The track was very damp and still wet in places but we did a decent first lap and a 10:04 second time around. It's so different when the track is quiet, it's mega and finding grip is great fun when your confidence is high. After a coffee we went out at the same time as a few cars including some Brits. One 3 series Beemer with roll cage and helmeted occupants shot off and was very confident in the early part of the lap leaving us a little behind. I got into my stride and pulled away from a lime green Focus ST and a Megan rent-a-racer. We caught the Beemer at Adenau and passed him approaching the bridge then had a clear track. A New Civic type R from England was catching me and I let him by then 'caught hold of his shirt tails'. He dragged me along and I pushed to stay with him and did a 9:15, the best lap I've managed on 4 wheels. Back in the car park we parked together and I thanked him for pulling me round and we had an animated chat for a while. He was with mates from Carlisle, proper Northern lads, who were booked on a track day on Thursday. We went out and had a lap that was full of slides as the sleet and snow arrived then I did one last lap on my own and the track closed at 19:15, perfect. We had another lovely meal in the Pistenklause restaurant in our hotel which was full again and found another crackin red wine that was not on the wine list but offered to us by Patricio and then called it a night. Our mpg suffered from the track tonight but was still 25.5, not too shabby I thought.
  13. Met 2 Swedish journalists at breakfast this morning. They were in the Focus ST and Mustang on the track yesterday. They were doing a write up on them both. We talked cars and the track and I hopefully picked up a bit of info to help me on the Ring.
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