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  1. True hopefully a Job closer to home and then I can get it back haha
  2. Hi guys I thought I would let you all know that I have had to reluctantly part ways with my Mini It was costing me way to much to run and after doing 50mls a day to work was ridiculous on fuel hahaha It will be sad to see it leave but I will still stay active on the forum Thanks to all you guys for the support Stu Grainger
  3. Both excellent choices Matt smith is the best doctor in my eyes. I am getting ready to go to a charity do and watching Britain's got talent
  4. Hi Ali Z4 looks great, looking forward to the pics of your Mini though and Welcome
  5. Bored currently waiting for the taxi to show up to go out for a meal Yum Yum
  6. About to play Bioshock and have myself a catch up before the new one is out
  7. Very Windy, Very Cold with a few specs of rain (Very British Then I guess)
  8. Very Chuffed with myself after teaching a Saxo a lesson at the traffic lights after his stupid challenge haha!
  9. Hahaha not a problem I found it by total accident, but yeah very similar must have been a fall out hahaha
  10. Cheers I will have to give that a go I missed a lot of last season due to it going to Sky, I just cant watch highlights hahaha
  11. Aww man the route looks epic but I will have to give it a miss as I'm out with family, would have been good for my first run with you guys to. Have a great day guys
  12. Thanks but will defo be a full day I will need for anything hahaha as I don't have a clue when comes to doing any work haha
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