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  1. 😳🤣 tbh Ive not gone too mad. When the engine goes an I forge it that’s when I’m in trouble!
  2. It pulls well 🤪! absolute monster to be honest. 311hp an 483nm! Base run was 250hp with the few mods it had.
  3. I’m not sure to be honest. Had the clutch done today and the pedal feel is horrific 😭 it’s very very light with a hard spot at the bottom, works well but I can’t live with it as it is. Clutch company say it needs 500mike to bed in but I can see it changing.
  4. One side is a paddle clutch the other is organic. Made by CG Motorsport in Leeds. £340.
  5. Also the clutch is a secret fitting 🤣 I’m going in for TPS sensor that’s causing problems which might take all day!
  6. Been a while. Things getting done slowly. cars in for a paddle clutch on Saturday then the following Tuesday I’m off to DervTech for a Map. Had a secret intercooler fitted 2 weeks ago by Matty at DarlingtonBM. hoping for around 320bhp and 450nm. bought the OEM Carbon JCW gearstick an handbrake. Thinking of getting the Alcantara wheel but I know these need to be raged care of otherwise they go shiny!
  7. Aldi are selling a code reader for £16.99. It’s done the job on my F56. It’s a bargain to keep in the glove box for emergency’s if needed. Modified cars these are a must have. it cleared faults I had no problem.
  8. Yea I think so too.. even my neighbour comment on them looking far too big being white.
  9. Wheels are black. Looks 1000% better. But, the place that did them never did the center caps, and the young lad mounting the tyres put standard valves on instead of my TPS Vslves 😳 so they need to go back Monday.
  10. Challenge parts on these look tasty too, think it needs a rear wing and diffuser to make it look a little more aggressive!
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