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  1. Aldi are selling a code reader for £16.99. It’s done the job on my F56. It’s a bargain to keep in the glove box for emergency’s if needed. Modified cars these are a must have. it cleared faults I had no problem.
  2. Yea I think so too.. even my neighbour comment on them looking far too big being white.
  3. Wheels are black. Looks 1000% better. But, the place that did them never did the center caps, and the young lad mounting the tyres put standard valves on instead of my TPS Vslves 😳 so they need to go back Monday.
  4. Challenge parts on these look tasty too, think it needs a rear wing and diffuser to make it look a little more aggressive!
  5. You know that feeling when you park up an keep looking back at your car?? Well I just can’t seem to look back an be happy with it being white 😳
  6. They are growing on me, but not totally set with them. Garage have agreed to get them all powder coated as I can’t get it repaired with the CNC 1552 cut in! Black it grey 😳
  7. Just took some more snaps. They are growing on me. 😂
  8. I just can’t seem to get to like these wheels! I need to to go lower, I have the clearance to get over speed bumps but it’s just the arches. I might buy adjustable top mounts and control arms see what I can pull it in with.
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