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  1. Now I made some small recordings with my phone a while ago, for anyone who would care to know how a 1.5 sounds with a stock S exhaust. The JCW does sound a little nicer but also quite raspy, the exhaust I have gives a warmer tone and I do like the pops on upshift. *use headphones Driveby: Revs:
  2. The blue really pops in the landscape, I like it!✌️
  3. Thanks @LewisE! Yes the 3 pots do sound great actually when combined with a decent exhaust. Here's a clip of a Cooper F56 with a std. JCW exhaust in comparison to a stock one I found on YouTube. Excuse the Dutch language:) Comparison starts at 25sec into the video. Mine has a std. Cooper S exhaust which is already much fruitier as the 1.5 L 3 cylinder makes more noise then the 2.0 L.
  4. Some pictures of the JCW front bits added.. I love the front of this car! apologies the car is a bit dirty tho..
  5. In the end we did get it to slightly above 180 bhp. But I can assure you the real difference is on the road. You go from sort of quick enough for everyday traffic, to a very enjoyable "MINI" experience, or the impression you drive sonething special. On top of that I noticed because the car is less heavy at the front then the 2.0 Cooper S there is almost no understeer, the back-end comes around when going off throttle in corners. And so I'm really pleased with the outcome, greatly recommended. I actually doubt it lacks in performance to a stock S as a Cooper still is 70 kg lighter.
  6. So the car got delivered in early januari, and right away I made an appointment with a professional tuning shop for a custom chip tune of the B38 3 cylinder engine. I was hoping on 170-180 bhp and 280-300 Nm of torque bringing it very close to my old Cooper S Here are the results on the dyno runs on RON 95, don't ask me why I forgot to fill it up with RON 98:/
  7. So already thinking ahead, I bought some MINI mainly JCW parts for my project:) Here is a list of the part numbers if anyone might want to know: 51192339038 JCW pro front splitter 8618524 JCW pro gear leaver 51137449209-210 black line rear light surrounds 51137393456 JCW grille 51137449207 black line grille surround 9482820 JCW indicator lights 65202296772 MINI sport antenna E10-57-004-01-22 Eibach lowering springs
  8. Hi there MINI nuts! So here is my MINI I'm gonna "slightly" mod for this year. Previously I owned a R56 Cooper and a F56 Cooper S. I bought this Cooper 1.5 this december 2nd hand with low mileage. I have to travel a bit more because of a new job, and due to the fact the Cooper S having a bit more miles I decided it was time to search for something else and sell the S as I still could get a reasonable return on that car this year at the milage it had. MINI F56 Cooper 1.5 T 136 bhp Midnight black mettalic John Cooper Works interior pack John Cooper Works exterior pack Sports suspention 18' 563 style cup spoke rims
  9. Thanks Mr Watton and Kettlepot! I'm from the Netherlands;) I recently bought my 2nd MINI F56, had a Cooper S before and now having a Cooper with JCW pack which I'm now trying to make into my favourite MINI build. I saw some great inspirational builds on this forum so thought why not join!:)
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