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  1. The noise of a R32 going balls out is unbeatable. Mines just used for hillclimbs and sprint days and is MSA logbooked so can technically be classed as a racecar. I still keep it MOT’d and will occasionally tax it and take it to work but it’s awful to drive on the road, it’s a sweat box due to the non opening polycarbonate windows, everyone wants to race you and other people look at you like you’re a knob when I drive through Durham on way home 😂 My mates got one he uses for drag racing and he’s aiming for 1,400bhp this year so that’ll be interesting once he’s put it back together. If anyone is interested in more pics of the R32 or the designing and making of stuff for it feel free to follow me on Instagram, username is rawr_32_
  2. Haha cheers, I went to a few VW shows years ago but last one was around 2012 as that whole thing isn’t my cup of tea really. Couldn’t resist lowering the mini when I got it and may get some wheels for it this year as I chucked a set of winters on the standard ones after I picked it up but think that and a map are the only mods this will be getting
  3. Yeah just a bit but I’ve done it all myself so luckily no labour costs. Just finished stripping the engine ready for the turbo build. Will be going for a nice reliable 600bhp with a “party mode” to take it to 700bhp. Everything forged, king race bearings, Ferrea valvetrain with TiTanium retainers, solid lifters, VVT removal as im getting custom cams made and then it’ll be off for Titanium exhaust. At last weigh in the car was 1210kg which isn’t too bad considering the heavy 6 pot and 4wd system and full T45 rollcage as it was 1595kg from factory. Should have that down to 1100kg when it’s back together as I’m currently getting composite doors, bonnet and boot lid made.
  4. And a few more pics of the R32. Back to the mini, is big fish tuning still the go to place for generic remaps?
  5. This is my fun car so everything feels tame in comparison 😅
  6. Coming from various other high power cars and it replaced a 2014 c class merc diesel that went like a rocket ship it’s very sluggish in comparison, on the plus side though mpg is good meaning I can spend more on my other project in the garage
  7. Cheers chaps I got a R56 Cooper SD late November as my everyday car, sadly no photos of it clean on my phone but here it is.
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