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  1. I’ve cured the bubbling, it’s the tickover surge I’m still fighting.
  2. MINI One R50 51 plate that’s not a MINI One. Bought as a car for my Daughter for when she passes her test, but when I got it home and started to dig a little deeper, found a Cooper ecu fitted along with silicon hoses everywhere. Slotted and vented discs, lowered slightly and a different exhaust from cat back and that’s what you can see visibly. It’s rather nippy, stops and handles really well. The only faults I have found are coolant bubbling in the expansion tank. I replaced the thermostat and housing and cap, that’s cured, and an engine tickover erratic when warm, but no fault codes. I have changed MAP Sensor, oxygen sensors and throttle body and checked for vacuum leaks, it is better but not perfect, I’ll get there, open to ideas. It is great fun and easy to work on, I use it more than my Mercedes now. when I eventually give it to my Daughter I will get a Cooper S R53. Not had so much fun since stopped riding motorcycles 😀
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