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  1. Happy Sunday Evening people!! Now I just want to gauge interest and thoughts on mobile valeters? Is there enough in the North East? Would you use one? Pros and cons? It's an idea I've been toying with for a while, could potentially maybe set up my own mobile valeting/detailing business. What's your thoughts? Completely new to starting a business from scratch so be nice 😂
  2. I do!! It's been ok 🤞🏼 I'll make sure they are full 😂
  3. FOM Recovery on stand by please 😅
  4. I'm always full of good ideas, we tend to do that when away biking, keeps the cost down massively providing there's commitment. I'm a little excited I could wee my knickers.
  5. Wor Kayley booked ours yesterday. On the staying over front, how about looking at an air b n b the day before for 6/8 of us?
  6. You can tow me in then 😂 Hmmm may most probably camp if the weather is good enough.
  7. Get in!! Long haired boss sorting that out Saturday morning 👌🏼 Anyone else getting track time? Camping or hotels? I'm excited!!
  8. Any ideas when we can buy tickets? Apparently will be my birthday present 😁♥️
  9. CD rom or floppy disc are available too 😜
  10. Tiny amount of coolant left this morning, so will get it pressure tested this week and fingers crossed it's a small fix. Big thanks to the Eagle eys 😂
  11. Well all part of the fun 😂 I did indeed, will check up on coolant level in the morning before work. Big thanks to FOMroadside assistance
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