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  1. Spark Plus, Oil/ Oil filter Change Air Filter Cabin Filter Vehicle check Basically that. Its the 46k/or 2 years after the previous one. Does this justify £400? I went to shop around on back street garages and I got quotes between £200-160 for these things. But I havent decided yet were to go that's why I am asking you guys if you have someone to recommend.
  2. I did try resizing it but my stupid Mac wont let me go below a certain width..
  3. Ok stupid question no.1: I am trying to edit my Avatar but there is no way i can find a picture 150*150 and 70kb. I tried using the URL but it wont let me upload the ones I uploaded on this site.
  4. Hahaha i thought Lolly was a nick name for the car not a nick name to you. I had no idea... My sincere apologies Miss
  5. erm' date=' I[i'] MAY[/i] have had something to do with that ..................... Maybe he introduced me to you guys.. He is a good PR:P
  6. Don't go crazy on me but i like the OEM alloys
  7. So i got this baby 2 weeks ago. It's my first Mini and it was a dream since I got my license to have one. Its 2007 with 30k miles completely stock. Plans:? As Lolly knows the grill has to be blacked out. Then next in Line is Ze Brembo's IF i find some for sale! ITG air filter, Iridium Spark's have already been ordered.
  8. No, not at all they quote me for a service 400£. I will be looking to go independent from now on but i have no idea were, yet!
  9. As the tittle says, Can anyone suggest any decent garages to do my services around Edinburgh?
  10. Hello people, I leave in Edinburgh and I am a 2 week newbie on the mini world. I got a 2007 MCS R56 completely stock ...atm!
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