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  1. That's the one sort of downside to it, I've visited the past few years and due to space it isn't a big show. Not sure whether they could use some car park or grass space if they gather more interest or whether the show must be confined in the space it has been previously.
  2. Decisions Decisions... I'll link this event page to Facebook later (if I don't forget) to see how many could be interested 👍
  3. I for one will be, haven't looked into the details for standing but I've registered interest on facebook as a reminder. If not standing I'll pay a visit anyway. Would a club stand be possible? It would be nice however they do have very limited space.
  4. Not sure about the details of the event, personally I haven't really looked into it. I'd definitely be staying somewhere the night before, possibly Friday night somewhere along the way too to make a weekend of it 😀
  5. Don't see why I wouldn't be down to go.
  6. Defo one that stood out on the run up to Bamburgh, welcome 😃
  7. 6 years since the last post on this thread 😅 thought I'd share mine now it's on coilovers. It's now on a set of Vmaxx adjustable coilovers with 15mm spacers on the rear and 12mm on the front. It sits lovely and there's no rub on the rear eventhough it tucks nicely - and that's with all corners dialled down to 60mm. My car came with the Dynamic Driving Modes from factory, with this the active dampers become stiffer when it's flipped into sport mode. The coilovers I bought did not have this option, I'd be looking at 1.2k plus (new) for a set which has this option. When fitting we tucked away and taped the wires for the Dynamic Driving modes so they were out of the way to avoid damaging them. Interestingly, when the car was all sorted there were no error codes thrown up for the suspension whatsoever - just thought I'd throw that in there for some food for thought. Also when I bought these particular coilovers, it was recommended that I bought adjustable droplink too - makes sense so I went ahead and did that. I made to mistake of getting cheap ones which did break very quickly, but in this process I learned that I didn't actually need them as the shortened links were actually pulling the roll bar up and causing a knocking noise. So I'm running a set of standard sized links from Andrew Page. Haven't been for a spirited drive as of yet but it already feels much more planted and nippy through the bends, couldn't be happier 🏁
  8. Very smart, welcome! 😃
  9. We're questioning how much muck will get in the arches on the production car, imagine that on the concept 😬😂
  10. I have a Carerra mountain bike, not sure what model but I think it's nice 😂 I'd be interested, its something I've looked into getting into before but never really got around to doing.
  11. Personally I don't really know of any in my area, but I can't say it's something I've had to look for before. Cracking idea though, it's got potential 😄
  12. For those who haven't seen, this new GP3 has been spotted in London before official release. Still not sure I can get over the arches 🤔
  13. It's a smart little motor, another one of the apprentices I invited along from my work @LewisE. For a Renault dealer we've got an odd thing for other brands 😅 however unfortunately @Dylan Holmes sold his for a Golf...
  14. Followed you back, didn't realise you were already following me 😄
  15. Thank you! It's a shame you live as far away as Northern Ireland though. What's your Instagram tag?
  16. Oo another F56! I must say I'm jealous, looks unreal that 😄 Welcome 👋
  17. Looking good, I've been doing the same 😄
  18. Weekend is looking fairly bright and rain free looking at the forecasts! Lets hope it stays that way 👍
  19. This all sounds like a lot of nice 😊
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