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  1. That's true, I think a trip to an industrial estate is in order 👍
  2. Thanks! Biggest issue I seem to have is finding new and decent locations 🤔
  3. 2nd time round finding the right place for this keep of my photos 😅 hopefully as I improve with my Nikon I can get some practice in with some different cars from the club! I'll continue to add bits and pieces as time goes on.
  4. Got the LCI badges on yesterday, look so much better than the black covers on the old badges 👍
  5. Quick 5 minute job yesterday. Indicators, mirrors and dash inserts now all matching. Suppose the dechrome is fully complete now if you don't include the exhaust tips which are standard. I have some updated badges to go on to replace the covers I have on now so they may go on later today 🤞
  6. Certainly agree, this is how it should've sounded from factory. Coilovers soon? 👀
  7. Honestly a remap is on the cards but only because the clutch is slowly but surely on the way out, so it'd be rude not to really 😂 they get good power from a stage 1 so I'm excited for when that time comes.
  8. Ooo I love the classic! Very nice indeed 👍
  9. Thought a 'build' thread for my car was a tad overdue 😅 Nothing compared to most builds but for a guy on an apprentice wage who has a lovely girlfriend I'd say I'm doing alright. Expensive habits and whatnot 😂 Firstly a short history lesson on my first car. It was a 2013 gen 2 Mini One, I never modified it and it was far from fast but it was the cleanest little car! It was delivered on my 18th birthday with just under 18k miles on it, which was pretty good for a 4 year old car. I traded it in after 11 months when I saw my current Cooper S come up for sale, it sat in that dealer for less than a week before a lad bought it without even test driving it. Something that I'd 100% buy back as a daily in a heartbeat if I could. Unfortunately I lost almost all of the photos I took of it so that's as good a photo I'm gonna find... Sooo my current F56 Cooper S. Registered in 2014 it is probably classed as a bit of a high miler at 72k as it has been my daily since I got it but apart from plenty of lovely stone chips you probably wouldn't have guessed it. I didn't know a million things about spec for these cars but I suppose I chose well. It is specced with heated leather seats, JCW Spoiler, Media XL Pack etc. Very first thing done to it in my ownership was done before I collected it, advantages of having a window tinting company across the road from where the sale was completed. The garage also painted my calipers red too 😀 However like my first Mini I didn't jump into modifying it, I had it around 6 months where I did nothing but change a couple of window stickers until I made an Instagram specifically for it in November 2014. After following some people as seeing what they were doing to their cars I decided to jump into my first few small mods. Wiper delete (which was an absolute pain) new gear lever, indicator decals, a stubby areal and some 3D gel plates from Alidrew. In April 2019 I attended the club Castle Run which was my first appearance you could call it. This was roughly a week before the car went on 20mm Eibach springs - which are now on Danny Lennard's Mini. Heading towards the summer I had a goal of de-chroming the car to start a grey scale theme. Before mid June I had some of the car done. Front and rear light surrounds were on along with the beautiful 'black jack' rear lights, which are probably still my favourite thing about it. I also bought black badge covers however I'm likely to replace these with the new badges in the near future. When I returned after a holiday I had a number plate mount waiting for me as my current one had faded blue (common issue) along with a black grille surround to do at the same time. I did struggle with doing this so I put out a cry out for help on Instagram and within half an hour I met @F56DEAN for the first time who basically did it for me 😂 Shortly afterwards I had the red grille strip sorted along with the beltline done in black. Black fuel filler cap and door handles followed. I also got my first sunstrip which was probably completely illegal as it was almost half way down the front window at either end but we'll breeze over that lol. After acquiring a black and slightly raised bonnet scoop and painting the crash bars behind the grille red, this was the finished look before I attended my first few shows which I really enjoyed 😄 The day of the second last show of the season (I think) was the Newcastle Car Show, where I had massive issues with one of my rear light clusters which I smashed after the show. After some wallowing in self pity for a while I happened to get talking to somebody by complete chance who had a spare. It had a small leak due to a pin sized hole in it somewhere but I couldn't afford a new set so I chanced it. After the lights were switched over about 10 times over a series of months I found and sealed the leak, seems to be holding so far. Next mod came around the same time I was having the lights issue, I went to the Exhaust Doctor for a resonator delete, which I don't regret one bit. video-1590248739.mp4 For 2020 the main goal for me was to get the interior looking a bit more lively as it was all black and no colour. To do this I found some JCW pro style dashboard pieces to go behind the wheel and over the secret compartment on the passenger side to start with. To match I purchased some JCW pro style mirror caps. I didn't plan on changing the steering wheel but when I saw a £200 off promotion on a JCW Alcantara wheel I just had to have it! Thanks to Dean again for fitting. One massive thing that came out of nowhere was that one day I decided to buy some coilovers. 😅 (These went on in January before the steering wheel) They are wound down to 55m-60mm with 12m spacers on the front and 15mm spacers on the rear to sit exactly how I wanted it to. At some point a few months ago Dean also coded in a couple of things for me using Bimmercode. USDM indicators, the USB Video feature enabled and a beep for locking and unlocking. Since then I've fitted a Ramair induction kit which I bought and fitted like two weeks into lockdown and it sounds insane, however not sure on the power gains if any. After two years of ownership that's it for now. I have a couple of things in the pipeline but I'm keeping that stuff on the down low till it happens. More to follow 😉
  10. It's a challenge finding something that isn't a set of Team Dynamics 😂 not a very useful opinion but I really like the stock wheels on yours @Kettlepot
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