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  1. I have a Carerra mountain bike, not sure what model but I think it's nice 😂 I'd be interested, its something I've looked into getting into before but never really got around to doing.
  2. Personally I don't really know of any in my area, but I can't say it's something I've had to look for before. Cracking idea though, it's got potential 😄
  3. For those who haven't seen, this new GP3 has been spotted in London before official release. Still not sure I can get over the arches 🤔
  4. It's a smart little motor, another one of the apprentices I invited along from my work @LewisE. For a Renault dealer we've got an odd thing for other brands 😅 however unfortunately @Dylan Holmes sold his for a Golf...
  5. Followed you back, didn't realise you were already following me 😄
  6. Thank you! It's a shame you live as far away as Northern Ireland though. What's your Instagram tag?
  7. Oo another F56! I must say I'm jealous, looks unreal that 😄 Welcome 👋
  8. Looking good, I've been doing the same 😄
  9. Weekend is looking fairly bright and rain free looking at the forecasts! Lets hope it stays that way 👍
  10. This all sounds like a lot of nice 😊
  11. I've seen a few R56's from the US with the F56 style front lights now, not sure if they're copies though, I think it looks quite smart nonetheless.
  12. Thanks @Mr Watton believe it or not that photo is about 8 months old, all that's changed is the bonnet scoop since then. Slowly does it 😂
  13. It's dragging her out of bed, that's the issue 😂
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