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  1. It's a challenge finding something that isn't a set of Team Dynamics 😂 not a very useful opinion but I really like the stock wheels on yours @Kettlepot
  2. Sounds good to me 👍
  3. Although the show in Ashington is more local to a lot of us I personally reckon Lotherton Hall is the one that is more worth attending.
  4. I've usually thought that these lights look too skinny, but I must say this looks good. The chrome compliments them really well.
  5. Strong username choice right there mate haha.
  6. That's the one sort of downside to it, I've visited the past few years and due to space it isn't a big show. Not sure whether they could use some car park or grass space if they gather more interest or whether the show must be confined in the space it has been previously.
  7. Decisions Decisions... I'll link this event page to Facebook later (if I don't forget) to see how many could be interested 👍
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