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  1. Would have to be the GP2 for me, can't be 100% on the GP3 until I see one in person but i still don't think I like those arches...
  2. Now I've experienced it I completely understand what I've heard about the website, I've got a headache after looking at that 😅
  3. I've got a brand new F56 rear wiper motor if it would be of use to anybody 😊
  4. Hi guys, are we meeting near the event to roll in as a group on Saturday?
  5. Thanks for the £10 Donation Dan :) Most appreciated :) 

    1. f56_dan


      My pleasure 😃 

  6. Took me long enough didn't it 🙈
  7. That'll be sweet, I'll get there before 6 and hang in the Travelodge car park ✌️ Cheers lads.
  8. Are there any early risers driving over from the Newcastle area on the Sunday I could tag along with? 😊
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