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  1. My latest Edition to my car has been my recent sponsorship from @carlock.co Now i can see where my car is at all times and make sure that no one is touching it who shouldn't be! Then was the search for an OBD Extender cable so i can shut the door and hide it behind the trim.
  2. @f56_dan has the F56 version if you’ve seen that?
  3. @LewisE @Kai2k is this an β€˜aggressive scoop’? they do a good F56 one so I had a browse for R56/R59 for you both https://www.neobrothers.co.uk/accessories/exterior-accessories/bonnet-scoop/gloss-black-bonnet-hood-scoop-2
  4. I heard something yesterday about larger groups up to 30 is allowed from this weekend??
  5. still cancelled Kai, tickets aren’t for sale youre still only aloud 6 people for a gathering so this won’t be returning till 2021 presumably
  6. @Mr Watton You heard any information about this event? It looks as tho its going ahead. im just a tad confused πŸ˜•
  7. anyone heard of this will be going ahead? I think it could now they’re reducing it to 1metre +. This could work outdoors space? would like to do this one
  8. Look so good! 😍😍
  9. Roll on some nice weather when we can meet and get out n about to hear this in person πŸ˜€
  10. Xbox one yes! Mine is - @dgibby19 I only play Gta at the minute as playing online with a couple friends and my brother Ive went for the series 3, it’s arriving tomorrow but I’m the same as you I’ve ordered straps and protector from amazon before the watch itself
  11. I’ve been off, into week number 10 now, started off by purchasing some tools for at home then onto car washing stuff (new bucket and products) Then purchasing more car parts to do subtle changes Along came a new Xbox 🧐 Been in the garden getting ready for the summer house coming next week. more car stuff on order Also I’m contemplating Apple Watch 3 as it’s half the price of the 5... which did you get Ian?
  12. Welcome to FULLONMINIs, why not show us your car and introduce yourself
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