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  1. If I order the kit from SMPS2012 would you be able to assist in fitting @Kai2k I don’t trust myself 🙃
  2. I would’ve been happy to help with a club stand however, I’ll be in Turkey 🍻🍻
  3. personally i think miss this event as its so far to drive as a club, if any one wants to go there is tickets available through Luxewerx website https://www.luxewerx.com/miniathome?wix-vod-video-id=f254b9f8776f4dcab5cb45993c3d784b&wix-vod-comp-id=comp-jh81kn2i
  4. If he’s after direct answers regarding an F56 then tell him to join ‘F56 Owners UK’ on Facebook. There’s quite a bit of tips in there! Like you mentioned above common things are ~ Horn ~ lower engine stabiliser link (bush moves and rubs on oil sump) If car has warranty enquire if it’s been done or looked at - depends on age if vehicle and part number ~ Water ingress in the boot under the floor where the inflation kit sits, if any sign of water then it could be a fault with boot seal, have it checked by MINI
  5. Will we be hearing and seeing the R59 on Sunday 😍🙊🤞
  6. Lush motor! Nice to see you on the Forum. Hopefully see you at the next meets! look in the events section, Sports cars in the park, MiniAtHome, Mega Mini Meet - (Blackpool) and many more drives in between
  7. Lovely motor! Welcome to FullOnMINI’s
  8. Welcome to the forum! Have you cleaned it yet?
  9. Welcome to the forum! Did you come on the Bamburgh Run out?
  10. 24th May 2020 Is anyone up for travelling down to Plant Oxford for Mini At Home 2020 https://www.luxewerx.com/miniathome £6 a ticket then the just the drive down
  11. My phones going wild 😂😂
  12. Sunday is only a few days away, don’t forget to check your fluids a calculation I’ve just done about 95-110 miles from start point to end point... 9am BLUE REEF AQUARIUM , Tynemouth 9:30 departure drive along to Whitley Bay Lighthouse - pull in, photos and regroup head along to Blyth Harbour (NE24 3AG) then out of Blyth onto A189 to Woodhorn - Stopping at QE2 Country Park (photos & regroup) From here heading the coastal Route to Bamburgh Castle passing through Amble - if there is somewhere to stop we will through Seahouses then stopping at Bamburgh Castle From Bamburgh Castle we will be crossing to the A1 and taking a leisurely drive down to either IKEA or Toys R Us METRO CENTRE
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