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  1. Right, im almost at my wits end. Id be intrigued to know peoples thoughts on the fault codes (other than Oxygen sensor due to decat and FRM number plate light) i just dont get how these issues occur from fitting a battery. I guess the good thing is that i got it started due to the ELV counter being maxed out, but this ABS issue is kinda out of my league now. I applied the wheel speed test via INPA. On test 1 it showed: -NSF sensor was 0.0 mph -OSF sensor was 158.5 mph When i reset the codes and tried again it then showed -NSF sensor 158.5 mph -OSF sensor at 0.0 mph Both rear sensors showed 0.0 mph on both tests. I also noticed my fuel gauge digits fluctuate up and down with the consumption readings fluctuating up and down every second. It deffo did used to do that but could be linked to wheel speed. Another note is that the speedo works fine, including the digital read out on the rev counter. As reported before, the battery is registered to the car, even knowing that this usually applies to cars with Stop/Start, which i dont have. And breathe......
  2. I’d feel guilty even modifying one, as I have a habit of not leaving things alone. thanks @lewismason1310 for the comment 👍🏻
  3. Some images ive just found with them all grouped up together...which one would you choose and why ?
  4. Due to lack of numbers and a few cancellations last night I’m going to cancel this as a group meeting. By all means if you still want to go then please do go and support BTGs open day, we just needed more numbers as a group. Simon.
  5. For those coming along tomorrow, I suggest meeting up at Macdonalds Silverlink (The Silverlink, North Shields, Wallsend NE28 9ND) I will be there from 8.30am then we can drive over for about 9.15am.
  6. Hope this video explains it. Its working now https://youtu.be/cdx5WKbflr0
  7. GEEK MODE: So...ive done some digging and it does seem pretty common to be the ELV, the steering lock. If the car has battery issues and various other factors, then there is an internal counter within the CAS Control unit that can MAX out its tries to fix itself. usually when it maxes out it fully shuts itself down, meaning ££££ to repair. Ive done some background work (as well as reinstalling INPA, NCSDummy, MCSExpert, WinKFP, and more importantly Tool32 which can clear this counter and im hoping will allow me to start the car to get it home to do more checks. Thats a massive priority for me! Some more digging around in an old readout i have of my MINIs own CAS ECU is the mention of more ELV values, so i might have a tinker around and see if I can cancel out this option for good to prevent me having this issue again. Im also told that MINIs after 2008 dont have this system, so lucky you lot with MINIs after this date haha
  8. @LewisE hey, i remember our chat re the intercooler, here it is with the bracket location with the longer hole
  9. Yeah absolutely, you want to go for something your comfortable with, but also lets you upgrade further if and when you feel you need to. Dont be rail roaded into thinking you need more
  10. I will have the Abarth Sunday, as per my post on the build thread. FOM will still have a chance to show the cars off if there early enough.
  11. Well, my MINI is dead 😂😢 Battery was flat yesterday, understandable as I hardly use it latley and the cold weather always makes a hit. Many £££ later, new battery fitted (as I couldn’t get the old battery to charge) I now have ABS, DSC and a red steering lock warnings. I started up the car and tried clearing with my code reader but they wouldn’t reset. This was last night and I thought a drive to work in the morning, pop on my OBDII reader to clear the fault codes and that would do the trick, ermmmm NOPE. Still the same faults. Then work happened. Now roll to home time, car unlocked, throw work stuff into the back, come to start and I get the red steering lock fault message and no start. I can’t even get to stage two of the key. Steering wheel won’t even turn! Yay I hear you say 😂 I tried plugging in my OBDII in again and clearing the faults but because I can’t get to the 2nd stage of my key then I don’t think I am getting to the stage of clearing the codes correctly. I tried the battery cables off then back on but still no joy. It stays on the steering lock and I get the same red warning sign. So it’s safe to say the MINI won’t be at BTG, but I do have Donnas car and i will park with the Abarth crew Neil 😃
  12. I had forgot you still had this issue. I’d need to retrace my steps, firstly with MyCarly and a Bluetooth dongle (which we’ve tried), then if that fails it would be INPA via the laptop and OBD cable to totally rule out any hot and cold bulb checks.
  13. Hey @lewismason1310, welcome to FOM. I have that exact tuning kit, and its awesome! Its a shame they dont do it anymore, Genuine MINI Parts used to do them but i cant find that kit anymore. I always wonder if the map on my car is actually a stage 1, because ever since it went into MINI some years back it never felt the same again, as it it had been flashed with non JCW software. I guess ill never know. With that said, im thinking of going down the Lohen route with the manic set up. Im sure they do different levels of tuning to match your needs, even at 200bhp. Be good to get a rolling road to see what power you currently have, then go from there. Thats my plan with @LewisE Example Lohen Performance Packs... Pack 1 = https://www.lohen.co.uk/lohen-power-pack-1 Pack 2 = https://www.lohen.co.uk/lohen-power-pack-2 You also have our sponsor @Orranje and they do loads of tuning parts to help boost that power output, like an induction kit and sports cat, pair that with a nice intercooler from Airtec and you're almost there id have thought Orranje R56 Tuning = https://orranje.co.uk/shop-by-car/bmw-mini/mini-generation-2
  14. @Kai2k exactly, be plenty of MINIs blasting round this one, including mine! Bets on how quick my engine dies hey ?? haha
  15. Me too @Kai2k I've loaded them into the FOM Calendar so we shouldn't miss any of these now
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