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  1. Thank you for the Donation @Aileen Bell :D 

  2. Thanks for the Donation Matty, appreciate the continued support to the club :)

  3. Thanks for the £10 Donation Dan :) Most appreciated :) 

    1. f56_dan


      My pleasure 😃 

  4. 992 registered members! Who will be #1000 ?

    1. LewisE


      It's getting closer! 

  5. @Davey is now Leader of the Rebel Green Owners Club 😀

  6. hi @Colin Smith and welcome to FULL on MINIs :D


  7. Andy Ranyard oh look, "the tool" :D

  8. FULLONMINIs stand places available at the new Venue for MINI In The Park, Mallory Park 👍🏻

  9. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dq8ddmGD8Dw tuesday Race time with YEARONEHQ RACING Team :D

  10. Last nights racing at Spa came with some ups and downs. Qualifying I was 2-3 seconds off the pace, but the pure skill of those who've been doing this way longer than me just blitzed me.

    I got through all three races none the less and im looking forward to seeing some points up on the leader board as soon as they are available.

    Meanwhile, heres a sneaky in car shot coming across the line...

  11. Round 2 at Spa tonight. You’ll find me as always with team Yearone Racing in car number 57 😃 From 8pm tonight, 3 practice sessions, 3 races with end of race interview. Hope to see you there.

  12. Updated my BSR MX5 race series page, with YEARONE RACING HQ discount code and links :D


  13. Demon Tweeks now do Pedal Sets for Sim Racers like myself. Only from £520....


  14. It was at that moment I knew I (number 57) was going to go from 4th, to 1 lap down and 10th...FFS

  15. A Good hard thrash on iRacing tonight. Some great racing while I try and push my rating to the C Licence. Qualifying 1st was an achievement, especially 4 in a row. It’s a matter of finishing and being slightly more aggressive on overtakes and SENDIT needs to play a part. I’m on D3.83. Almost there, almost there 👍🏻

    If you run iRacing and fancy being part of a team, give me a shout 👍🏻

  16. ️ Watch the Raceteam Yearone Racing running in the Tuesday MX5 series at Tsukuba LIVE 👍🏻

  17. Some people have no morals. Good to see this is getting in the national news.

  18. ️ FOM has smashed the 51000 post target! Well done guys and girls 👍🏻

  19. @Rob Harrison welcome to FULLONMINIs ! Simon

  20. Welcome to FULLONMINIs Stuart 👍🏻

  21. Chicken or Chips ? 🤣

  22. New Forum is now live live live....

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