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  1. This will probably be the hardest thing I will write, and has given me many sleepless nights so I apologise if this becomes a rambling statement reference the brand I love, MINI , and here as a club which I founded back in 26 April 2012. Let`s get straight to the point of Covid. This has hit many of us hard. In more ways than many of us had ever anticipated. Back in December 2019 we had some awesome plans for the club. We brought together some great MINI addicts to help promote the club and try and bring that wow factor to the club that we once had when we started. Who knew that a
  2. I bet that pheasant still has a headache!
  3. Hi and welcome to FOM. What have you found so far so we can offer some more advice for you ?
  4. You too, and hopefully we get to all meet up again at some point next year
  5. Im looking forward to it buddy...been a long time my friend
  6. Washed the car, 1st time since getting back from lohen. God it was filthy. Wheels has what looked to be like black sand all over them. Not a good look for white wheels hey.
  7. Taken from MotoringFile The first special edition F60 Countryman is here and it’s a familiar one. The MINI Countryman Boardwalk Edition follows on where the Convertible Boardwalk Edition left off with a host of unique colors and finishes. Deep Laguna is the unique body color which (to our eyes) might be one of the best blue offered on MINIs to date. Inside MINI has added new trim and interior colors to create a unique interior experience. The MINI Countryman Boardwalk Edition will launch in Europe and the UK this winter. Read mo
  8. ha ha here he is! Hope youre well buddy @marcm11
  9. Hi @MiniMe and welcome to FULL ON MINIs πŸ˜ƒ The rear tyres were rubbing on the rear arches. Dont normally have a problem but I guess with it being strapped down, add a driver and the extra torque being applied it was pulling the rear further down than usual πŸ˜€
  10. I still cant get any better ! Forgot this game even 😲
  11. Interestingly @bazaR56 since I've had mine mapped mine too runs at around 80c. Fluctuates 75c-85c to be exact. Possible that yours too could have been mapped if you haven't found the fault already. Doesn't change how much heat my heater makes thats for sure.
  12. Cheers @LewisE was a great time overall, and its something seeing someone else driving your car isn't it, always looks mega ha ha. I think you're right re the power. Think itll take me a while to get used to. Tyres dont give me any confidence currently so that could change very soon. 🧐 You're right @Kettlepot re the clutch. Its a big deciding factor when you factor in all the extra power and torque that any map produces. Ill be honest and say i never even thought id go stage 2 back in the day when i fitted the clutch and flywheel all those years ago. I just did them because it was
  13. haha, good call, no one has ever asked that before. @LewisE ? πŸ˜†
  14. We`ve made it! Stage 2 Complete Let me start off with a huge thank you to @Lohen They looked after us from start to finish and for this im very grateful. As always Frank was a pain in the ass. For those who dont know who frank is, Frank is my MINI. A full vehicle check was had which happens all the time before a map is applied to ensure the engine is up to the additional performance, this includes compression checks. Problem wise it started off with an issue with my Forge blow off valve. Because of the higher boost that the map would allow, the spring within the valve wasn't capa
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