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  1. Looks like a great job, when are you taking bookings ? 😆
  2. "Gimp Mask" haha`, thats funny. Nothing worse than waiting to not have it in stop....argghhhhH! Still, least no more noises when it gets replaced hey
  3. Cool. Im also hoping the weather holds out. Time to change from my Toyo T1Rs i think as they are shocking in the wet
  4. From what ive seen on RealOEM, there are some variations in selector between Clubman and Hatch however the switch box that the lever attaches to looks to be the same part number. RealOEM doesn't have any GP3 info as yet as its not long been out so its a little tricky to determine whether there are further variations on if this would work.
  5. Not much to report this week. Confidence is growing in the MINI. Putting more miles on just to make sure all is ok. Thankfully all IS OK thus bringing back a little more enthusiasm again. As most know, I removed the rear seats decades ago. I also left the seat belts in but after a kick up the arse then boom they are no more. I've also removed the backrest catches, just for a cleaner look. And that was it, ha ha, told you wasn't much. I've a few ideas that is brewing away, like seats, removeable steering wheels and the like. I need to get the holiday out the way before
  6. Hahaha “takes a breath” Hahahaha
  7. Absolutley I’m up for this!!! I can’t wait. Totally approve of the rules for the run too, makes sense and allows us all to get out and enjoy our MINIs and all of our friendships again 😊 Thanks Ian for organising 😊
  8. I didnt intend this to be a section of just my car, so please do me a favour and post your pics!
  9. Ermmm... Seats Cage (Still) Quick Release Steering Wheels and if my NSF wheel is un-repairable then maybe new wheels 🤑
  10. Catching up on the Forum. Listening to some Tech house on YouTube. Looking at car parts 😀
  11. I dont know where it went...but its back ! Get pressing that GIF button and get posting your emotions! I know i do
  12. Soon @Kai2k I know @Kettlepot is looking into a few things. There will be restrictions to keep things safe for everyone, but i know for sure i canna wait for a good blast out like.
  13. @RobMorgan That would be a module its showing info for which happens to be the EWS III control unit which in English is the Immobiliser 😀
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