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  1. Mr Watton

    Awesome non MINIs found on the net

    This was the fault of old crappytalk, sorry Tapatalk. I had posted https://www.fullonminis.co.uk/Forum/topic/4954-broken-images/ and got images back but it left this strikethroughs. Tapatalk has since been removed and WILL NOT be coming back ever again.
  2. Mr Watton

    S Grill badge - decent quality?

    Looking Good @Kai2k
  3. Mr Watton

    Monty mods

    We need some drive by vids Mr @b34st
  4. Mr Watton

    K n N panel filter - worth it?

    They deffo work buddy, Donna has one on hers and it breathes way easier without being too noisy πŸ‘πŸ»
  5. Mr Watton

    2007 R56 MCS *Insert Name Here*

    Looks good to me Elvis; cough, I mean Lewis πŸ˜„πŸ˜ƒ interesting idea on the plate fixture, if only arnold clark didn’t drill my plates right through the bumper 😝
  6. Mr Watton

    My 2007 R56 Cooper S

    Did the electronic valve look ok? I know sometimes if they get perforated (which is common over time) it can cause the same problem.
  7. Mr Watton

    Monty mods

    I’m intrigued how this is going to sound to your little trip out in mine πŸ˜‚πŸ˜˜
  8. Mr Watton

    2007 R56 MCS *Insert Name Here*

    MINI Looked great tonight buddy πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ»
  9. Mr Watton

    Forza Horizon 4 - Due Oct 2018

    We’re currently with the top 10% of the worlds clubs. Out of 85000 clubs, we are around the 8500 mark now. Flying along... keep up the the good work guys!
  10. Mr Watton

    Castle Run - 28th October

    This was a mint day out Guys! A huge thank you to those who participated and made the most of the weather. Least there was no snow hey πŸ˜„ thanks @Kettlepot for this cracking photo at Bamburgh castle...
  11. Mr Watton

    2007 R56 MCS *Insert Name Here*

    What a transformation buddy. Glad your happy with the look, and I do like the R55 wheels, always wondered why they never really added them to Hatch’s.
  12. Mr Watton

    Krispy Kreme - 28th October

    Krispy Kremes - Gateshead Time- 6pm Date - 28th October 2018 A meet for FULLONMINI members and friends. Be great for us all to meet up with other like minded enthusiasts. Over flow car park can be at ex Toys R Us store over the road if needed.Hope to see you there! (Yes, the usual stickers will be with me too, just not silver, yet)Simon
  13. Mr Watton

    Castle Run - 28th October

    Castle Run A last minute planned run for @b34st being up here from Hull Approximately 135 miles and about 4 hours driving which will leave plenty of time for a food intake. I am planning on Sunday 28th October meeting up in Macdonalds car park at the Metro Center at 9.00am for 9.30 prompt Start Heading West and making for the A68. We then head north for a little while before heading back east for Rothbury, past Chillingham Castle to the A1. Head north towards Belford and then onto the coast to Bamburgh Castle and Seahouse ( about 2pm-ish ) where we will could then have a stop off for Fish 'n' Chips. Then back down the coastal route passing Dunstanburgh Castle, Warkworth Castle and then on to the finish at Newcastle. Later on in the day its back to the Metro Center for the mandatory Krispy Kreme @ 6pm
  14. Mr Watton

    My 2007 R56 Cooper S

    Hopefully a straight forward fix for the misfire
  15. Mr Watton

    Info - Amazing FULLONMINI Donators...

    The amazing Donators list is now updated

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