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  1. Great run out guys! Really enjoyed it. Ill get some pics up later today @Kettlepot @LewisE @j13_wtt @Kiddkaos
  2. GET IN THE RACE. The new MINI John Cooper Works GP is strictly limited to just 3,000 models worldwide. So if you see its unruly appearance and hear its ferocious roar on the street, you’re probably too late. Pre-ordering is now open. Please contact your local retailer to place your pre-order.
  3. Funny you say that, a member a few years ago turned up to a pub meet with one side one colour, and the other side another as she couldn't decide what colour to have
  4. too soon....its not until the 15th December @Emily Jane Brown🀣🀣🀣
  5. 🀢🏼 πŸŽ…πŸΌ So, let's do Krispy Kremes on Sunday 15th December , 5pm-7pm. Metrocentre, Gateshead NE11 9YG Over flow car park can be at Toys R Us over the road if needed. Hope to see you there and wear your best Christmas Jumper !! Any questions? PM me
  6. And leave Donna car-less....ill be divorced before im married haha *love the gifs tonight
  7. Hey ! Im ok, its damn Frank thats throwing toys out the pram ! haha
  8. Can i get my ruddy MINI ready for this....if not im getting my bike sorted, push bike that is !
  9. I think your on about Mobility Scooters! Easy enough to add some MINI badges and viper strips....oh and under LED lighting kits hehe
  10. Sell Sell Sell Buy Buy Buy FOM Stock Market lol
  11. The New MINI Electric Launching March 2020 Its been a long time coming, the New MINI Electric is almost amongst us. Battery technology has come on so far, and will more than likely become the norm, but for now those with range anxiety need not worry to much with a range up to 145 miles. Government grants also help towards the cost with approx Β£3500 been thrown in for good measure. The new MINI Electric comes in three styles. Level One. Simple and iconic. Level Two. Extra tech and more comfort. Level Three. Higher Spec and more customisation. Common questions regarding the new MINI Electric: Is it only available as a 3 door? Yes, three door only at this stage. What is the warranty on the battery? The Warranty on the battery is 8 years or 100,000 miles, whichever is reached first. The battery is also included in the price of the car. Are there single options available for select? The new MINI Electric is the first model in the MINI range with no single options available for simplicity and ease of ordering. However, you are still able to personalise your MINI Electric through a selection of paint and wheel options. How much does it cost to charge the New MINI Electric ? Based on Β£0.163 per kWh on average it costs Β£5.31 for a full charge. 1 mile costs only 4p. How can I find public charging stations ? Just use the MINI Connected app on the move or see the charging locations integrated into your Sat Nav! How and where can I charge my car ? You can charge your car at home using your Wallbox or your 3-pin plug home charging cable. You can also charge your car at one of the 9,000 public charging stations in the UK, either using AC public charging or a DC rapid charger. Standard Equipment Highlights - LED headlights and rear lights – Fully digital display cockpit – Automatic dual zone air conditioning – AC and DC charging – AC home (occasional 3-pin plug) and AC public charging (type 2 – 7.4 kW) cables – Automatic transmission – MINI Connected (including Remote Services) – MINI Navigation System (displaying nearby public charging stations, also including Real Time Traffic Information (RTTI) and Apple CarPlay) – Heat pump (allowing excess heat from the motor to be utilised for heating cabin space when required, rather than utilising battery power to maximise efficiency) – Pre-conditioning (to get the optimal performance from your battery, also enabling you to remotely heat or cool your vehicle prior to departure without impacting the range. This can be activated in your car or via the MINI Connected app) – Two levels of power regeneration (including max regeneration and minimal regeneration – the energy recovery toggle allows you to alter the severity of automatic braking when releasing the throttle by changing the amount of energy being regenerated when coasting) Technical Data PERFORMANCE. – Max. output: 184 hp – Max. torque: 270 Nm – 0–37 mph: 3.9 seconds – 0–62 mph: 7.3 seconds BATTERY. – Battery type: Lithium-Ion – Gross battery content : 32.6 kWh – Battery capacity : 93.2 Ah RANGE AND CONSUMPTION. – Electric Range: 140 – 145 miles† – Electric energy consumption (weighted): 3.9 – 4.1 miles/kWh (15.9 – 15.2 kWh/100 km) – CO2 emissions: 0 g/km S Obviously these facts and figures are open to variations depending on how the vehicles are used and in various climates. You should consult with the MINI dealer for exact information and specialist advice in all cases. The above is information collated over various MINI documents that MINI has every right to change at no notice. Going from the subject title, is it any good ? Time will tell. Im hoping to get a drive in one once released, and i will give a full and detailed run down then. GP4 Electric anyone ? To find out more about the benefits of owning an ultra low emission vehicle, visit www.GoUltraLow.com To find out more about the MINI Electric, download the brochures https://www.mini.co.uk/en_GB/home/range/brochures.html
  12. So many question marks Thats a good question, check out this from the latest brochure...no SD.
  13. haha dont you know ! Its quite a pain to keep cleaning white, especially if you are like me that likes to clean them inside out
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