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Sports cars in the Park (Newby) - 22nd Sept 2019
So, here we go again with another mixed meet. Really happy with the last event and we got some super feedback from it.
We will have Porsches, McLarens, Lamborghinis, and much much more.
Venue details
Address: Newby Hall, Skelton-on-Ure, Ripon HG4 5AE. Newby Hall was designed by Sir Christopher Wren, with some of Britain's finest Robert Adam interiors Newby Hall is home to a wonderful collection of Chippendale furniture, Gobelins tapestries and classical statuary. With 25 acres of award winning gardens including one of Europe's largest double herbaceous borders, an enchanting woodland walk and a miniature railway, younger visitors will also enjoy the exciting adventure gardens.
08:15 - Display cars arrival (Make sure you have a ticket, they dont do pay on the day!)
11:00 - General public arrival
12:00 - All cars must arrive on-site before 12:00
14:00 - Its not a lock in but we would like you to stay till at least 14:00
16:00 - Departure (no rush, its a Sunday)
Gardens and large grounds, Kids play area, Boat rides and miniature sit on train.
I dont see a limit on tickets available, and considering the Abarth crew had 70+ cars booked, id like to hope we can get a good gathering together.
I will even open this up for those not with MINIs too, lets call you our "Support Crew"  Just make sure you choose FULL ON MINIs so you can be with the group. I will have the event shelter, banner and club flags with us.
Tickets for displaying cars only, car registration required       - - Display car - Driver only £7.00 - - Display car - Driver + 1 Passenger £14.00 - - Display car - Driver + 2 Passengers £21.00 - - Display car - Driver + 3 Passengers £28.00 - Additional passenger £7.00 - - Additional Passenger - Child 5-18 £3.00  
-To get a ticket you must register with Sportscars In The park : https://www.sportscarsinthepark.co.uk
-Once registered you select "Tickets" from the left Menu
-It will show available tickets, make sure you are selecting for "Newby Hall - Autumn".
-Step 1 section, choose your ticket type and press green "Add to basket"
-Make sure your car type is selected i.e. "MINI", car group is "FULL ON MINIs", add your car registration, change the ticket type depending if your bringing any passengers along, then press save at the lower of the screen. Note: There is no need to fill in the optional sections.
-Step 2 will show the ticket you have selected. make sure the details are correct, then buy your ticket.
Once purchased you can download your ticket, or print it off. It MUST be brought with you on the day to gain entry
Again, Am I Excited? hell yes! 
Stand so far:
Those interested but not firm:

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⚠️Saturday 14th September - Newcastle Car Show! ⚠️
⛔️Date changed from 10th August due to adverse weather⛔️

Based at Newcastle Racecourse, Gosforth Park, NE3 5HP, it will be packed full of cars, MINIs and more.
Club stands need to be in by 9:00am or you may not be allowed in.
<br style="background-color:#ffffff;color:#1d2129;font-size:14px;">One big family friendly event day.<br style="background-color:#ffffff;color:#1d2129;font-size:14px;">- Show Cars<br style="background-color:#ffffff;color:#1d2129;font-size:14px;">- Car Clubs inc FULL ON MINIs<br style="background-color:#ffffff;color:#1d2129;font-size:14px;">- Show N Shine<br style="background-color:#ffffff;color:#1d2129;font-size:14px;">- Stunt Show <br style="background-color:#ffffff;color:#1d2129;font-size:14px;">- Stalls and Demonstrations<br style="background-color:#ffffff;color:#1d2129;font-size:14px;">- Free Funfair Rides & Inflatables For Everyone!<br style="background-color:#ffffff;color:#1d2129;font-size:14px;">- Free Parking<br style="background-color:#ffffff;color:#1d2129;font-size:14px;">- Catering Village<br style="background-color:#ffffff;color:#1d2129;font-size:14px;">- Dogs are welcome!
1) Simon Watton - R56 S
2) Matty Hills - R56 S
3) Josh Brown - Audi S3
4) Daniel Tait - F56 S
5) Andy Wood - F56 or TT
6) Donna Bell - Abarth 595 Comp
7) Ben Sayers - 370Z Nismo
8 ) David Morton - GP2
9) Ian Brown - R56 SD
10) Marc Henderson - JCW Paceman
11) Holly Wilson - Roadster
12) John Moulding - Clubman
13) Andy Ranyard - R56 S
14) Space available
15) Space available
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MINI in the Park 2019 - 18th August
Hey MINI Fans,
Just a quick note to say FOM will have a club stand at this years MINI in the Park. It wont be at Santa Pod any more, but actually Mallory park for 2019.
For more info see http://www.minishow.co.uk/mini-show
Like I say, we will be having a club stand, I will post a link up in the next few days on how to get your tickets. DONT buy any until I post how

Last years FOM Club stand at MINI in the Park, at Santa Pod...
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Mega MINI Meet 2019 - 14th July
Mega MINI Meet 2019
Where: Lytham Hall, Lytham St Annes, Lancs FY8 4JX
When: Sunday, 14th July 2019 at 10:00–16:00
So, It has just been confirmed that 14th July is the date for this years Mega MINI Meet at Lytham Hall near Blackpool. Plenty of time to book some time off work. Will add more info as and when it becomes available ...
Stand spaces are readily available, we have no limit at present and always get a good place to be.
Stand so far (14) comprising:
Simon & Donna
Chris & Jamie
Mr Adds Dad :)
Andy (friend of Gus6)
Kev Griffin
Gem Cooper S Cab
See more images of our day :
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DDB 10th Birthday Event
Such an awesome day with DDB Detailing with some mega cars on display, including the amazing McLaren Senna #001. To all who came along on our stand too, wow! So effort went into them all 😊 good show guys, good show 😍
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Sports cars in the Park (Lotherton) - 21st July 2019
We have a stand at Sports cars in the Park! 
Based at Lotherton Hall a charming Edwardian house and country estate once home to the Gascoigne family. There is something for everyone to enjoy here; from the country house to the bird garden, the gardens, the deer, the cafe and stables, woodland walks and kids playground
I dont see a limit on tickets available, and considering the Abarth crew had 70+ cars booked, id like to hope we can get a good gathering together.
I will even open this up for those not with MINIs too, lets call you our "Support Crew"  Just make sure you choose FULL ON MINIs so you can be with the group. I will have the event shelter, banner and club flags with us.
Click on the link for further information :)
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So I’ve managed to get an order of some REMOVE BEFORE FLIGHT key rings. They are limited in numbers mind, and once they land they will be going live in the store.
Versions ordered:
Black with White lettering
Black with Yellow lettering
Red with White lettering
Green with White lettering
Pink with White lettering
White with Black lettering
Baby Blue with White lettering
Size: About 12.5cm X 2.5cm (4.92'' X 0.98'')
Price: £5.00 each
Get them while you can !
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My 2007 R56 Cooper S
Not had my Cooper S that long. But have been modifying my Son's R50 Cooper over the last 2 years with him. My plans for my Cooper S are to modify it and not keep it standard-got some parts and bits already. It has quite a few BMW options added from new.
https://uploads.tapatalk-cdn.com/20170620/32f814dadde543d849644bfb09d366f5.jpg' alt='URL>'>
https://uploads.tapatalk-cdn.com/20170620/42ba52841c538672b699e9d5ee92b85b.png' alt='URL>'>
https://uploads.tapatalk-cdn.com/20170620/44aa23e20f07341e91b6888c206fa461.jpg' alt='URL>'>
Put my private plate on-looks better with it on. Will put more photos up shortly.
Cheers Paul
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Hartside Run! 25 May 2019
I'm proposing we have a run up to Heartside on the 25th May 2019. 
 I've thrown together a route based on a few roads I know that's a lot more dynamic than driving up the A69 or A695. It does seem a little bit long (approaching 50 miles one way!) but does promise for some more interesting driving. I'm going to have a look up there today to check that the whole route is MINI friendly 😆
 The route back is yet to be decided but will be more straight forward. 
 It can be found here: <iframe src="https://www.google.com/maps/embed?pb=!1m60!1m12!1m3!1d126721.38192415837!2d-2.1395173882674268!3d54.86584033278322!2m3!1f0!2f0!3f0!3m2!1i1024!2i768!4f13.1!4m45!3e0!4m5!1s0x487e77eec5b70a03%3A0xcd5745262b29507d!2sMcDonald's%2C+The+Precinct%2C+WESLEY+COURT%2C+Blaydon+Hwy%2C+Blaydon-on-Tyne+NE21+5BT!3m2!1d54.9652234!2d-1.7137706!4m3!3m2!1d54.960492599999995!2d-1.7416323999999999!4m3!3m2!1d54.954639699999994!2d-1.7810481!4m3!3m2!1d54.9309437!2d-1.8232967!4m3!3m2!1d54.923589199999995!2d-1.8938083!4m3!3m2!1d54.935003699999996!2d-1.9671189999999998!4m3!3m2!1d54.9414028!2d-2.0101144!4m3!3m2!1d54.9473548!2d-2.0664148!4m5!1s0x487db9ebe6453395%3A0xce7488704bf84a8c!2sLangley+Castle!3m2!1d54.9565388!2d-2.2593058!4m3!3m2!1d54.769971899999994!2d-2.5510737!5e1!3m2!1sen!2suk!4v1556788362238!5m2!1sen!2suk" width="1920" height="1080" frameborder="0" style="border:0" allowfullscreen></iframe>
 This route would take us 'over the top' via Greenside, Leadgate, Hedley, Broomley, Linnels and Sunnyside through to Langley. And I'm sure you all know the way from Langley to Heartside!
 I'm proposing a 9am meeting time at Blaydon McDonald's ready to set off at around 9:30am. We'll have a pit stop and photo shoot at Langley Castle before the blast up to Heartside. 
 As the Cafe is now.. crispy.. I say we go into Alston and have Fish and Chips before heading back towards home.
 Any feedback is welcome, especially on the dynamic route. If you think it would be better to take a more straight forward route there, have your say!

^ Photo stolen from @Kettlepot
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⭐️10 Years of DDB - 1st June 2019⭐️
DDB Detailing has its 10th birthday this year and they are celebrating with an open day on Saturday 1st June 2019 and it will be awesome!
FOM have been invited to celebrate their 10th Birthday and to raise some money for charity, we get to show off our MINIs and im led to believe there's CAKE too.....who doesnt want cake ?!
I will have more details soon once ive had some more talks with DDB Detailing, but it would be great for us to show our MINIs off in force
Let me know below if you can come
1) Simon
2) Lewis

Image courtesy of DDB Detailing
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Castle Run - 7th April 2019
We are doing the Castle Run again for the 7th April. 138 miles point to point and about 3hrs and 40 mins driving. This time does not including stopping off for breaks and food
We will start off at A) McDonalds Metro Centre (meet 9am to leave before 9.30am), aiming for the ol` Military Road and the A68. From the A68 we will come off for Rothbury, some twists and main turns later its a stop off at Fontburn Reservoir. Looking for Rothbury we will head off up the A697 looking for Lilburn, which is many turns and twists (get the theme here) later a turn left at Chillingham Castle then right at Chatton, brief jaunt up the A1, off at Easington, look for Bamburgh Castle for another break. From here its a short squirt of power for lunch at Seahouses making sure you have change for the car park and when we are full of fish, chips, chicken nuggets and curry sauce we will have a leisurely/enjoyable drive back through Embleton, Warkworth, Amble, A1 and back to D) the same start McDonalds for a run Debrief

Of course if you cant make this date (which looks to be the best date so far according to the poll) then we will still have other runs to be had through the year.
Everyone's input is key to making these events/runs a success
To see Octobers Castle run, see below..
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Gino - 595 Competizione
So @Littleredhead said farewell to Letti, the Cooper S. It was touch and go really in regards getting another MINI, and what with Donna trying to decide between an F56 S or and Audi S1 she only went and bought a 595 Competizione! Go Figure LOL.
Its pretty well specced to be fair, and what with the 595 Competiione having 180bhp in something that weights as much as a shoe, its pretty damn good if im honest. Yes its only a 1.4, and the seat position is odd an high, it certainly has the noise from the full monza exhaust system and pace of something Donna would really go for. Its got a BMC induction kit, special black leather upgraded seats, carbon fibre steering wheel centre section, alcantara dash top, full Brembo brake package with drilled front and rear discs and a pretty funky full LCD dash. Donna says she can get more shopping in this than the MINI, but I wouldn't know anything about that comment haha.
I think ive surprised a few who ive taken out in it  @LCWElvin @Kai2k
Picture timeeeeeeeee....


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Mega MINI Meet - 1st July 2018
That time we had Mega MINI Meet, 2018!

A blast back in time to show what fun we had, and for those wanting to join us on our club stand for 2019, there are plenty of spaces available. :D
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That JCW Roadster 🔵
So as you all have seen I've replaced the R56 Cooper S with an absolutely stunning Kite Blue R59 JCW.
I know the R59 is a bit of a Marmite car and the Kite Blue adds to that.. But I dig it! 
So here's the start of my build thread. Nothing to report on as of yet and I'll be taking it slow until the warranty runs out but a few small cosmetic mods are on the cards.
Really looking forward to the show season this year and praying for a great summer! ☀ 
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2002 Dark Silver MCS - One for life
Now in my fifth year of ownership with my daily driver, thought I'd share my car with fellow Northerners.
I'm based in Teesside in the North East of England.
...Have a read of this highly detailed picture intensive Build Thread to find out more...
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MINI Cooper S GT Edition
Where I like special editions, I kinda wish MINI would just hurry up with the GP edition 😄
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GP3, GP3, GP3...
New GP3 has been confirmed by MINI! 
<br style="background-color:#ffffff; color:#1d2129; font-size:14px; text-align:start">The latest JCW GP will boast over 300bhp, with just 3000 examples being built worldwide, and will be launched in 2020. 
<br style="background-color:#ffffff; color:#1d2129; font-size:14px; text-align:start">More updates as they are announced
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New GIF button...
Yes, at last, another new feature to add to your posting fun! 
When posting a new message, simply press the small box with "GIF" printed upon it. 
Enjoy much GIF !
(Of course, GIFs won't replace real and meaningful conversation, but they are a fun way to express yourself quickly and encourage more engagement.)
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Inspirational MINIs found on the net...
I have literally hundreds of photos ive picked up over the years of my MINI fascination, heres to start us off...
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