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    It would depend on what it would be used for. GP1 if it was locked away in the garage and forgotten about, ready to sell in 10 years time. GP2 for the odd weekend blast. Can’t really comment on the GP3 as I’m yet to drive one (as is most people). Regardless of generation though, although they’re made to be drivers cars, I’d feel guilty about adding miles to it. Stick some decent coilovers on a R56 JCW and I’d imagine you’re 80% there driveability wise.
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    I’d feel guilty even modifying one, as I have a habit of not leaving things alone. thanks @lewismason1310 for the comment 👍🏻
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    GEEK MODE: So...ive done some digging and it does seem pretty common to be the ELV, the steering lock. If the car has battery issues and various other factors, then there is an internal counter within the CAS Control unit that can MAX out its tries to fix itself. usually when it maxes out it fully shuts itself down, meaning ££££ to repair. Ive done some background work (as well as reinstalling INPA, NCSDummy, MCSExpert, WinKFP, and more importantly Tool32 which can clear this counter and im hoping will allow me to start the car to get it home to do more checks. Thats a massive priority for me! Some more digging around in an old readout i have of my MINIs own CAS ECU is the mention of more ELV values, so i might have a tinker around and see if I can cancel out this option for good to prevent me having this issue again. Im also told that MINIs after 2008 dont have this system, so lucky you lot with MINIs after this date haha
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    Thanks guys, I’m going to pop along to the BTG open day and have a chat with them. I’ve heard Lohen are a popular choice, might be worth a look. I’m not after crazy power, just a few more ponies 🐎 but not enough to compromise reliably.
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    @f56_dan couldn’t agree more. Really need to see those arches in the flesh.
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    Have we got a place to meet before hand and a time? It's Kai btw I totally forgot to introduce myself when I signed up 🤦‍♂️
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    Thanks pal much appreciated gonna go race mode lol
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    Cool idea but the price is a bit mad tbh leave it to rolls Royce lol
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    There it is! Airtec all the way 😉 Stage 2 INCOMING!! 😏😏
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    Thanks @Mr Watton . I did read something about NCS Expert perhaps being capable but at the time it was only available on a windows platform. Having a Mac kind of stopped that idea. I could use a VM but I was worried about bricking part of the car so thought better of it. Now the bulb warning is at times so frequent it’s starting to rapidly move up my priority list. 😀
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    Seeing as my non-Mini(thanks Si😢) is in the body shop til whenever, I wasn’t fancying rocking up in a Jaguar XF diesel but my son has said I might be able to use his Abarth! So I might just be coming after all! Plus it’ll be funny coz Abarth North East are there too but I’ll be hanging with the Minis😈
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    I'm planning on attending, fat hippo sealed the deal!! I haven't met anyone from here yet so will be good to put faces to usernames 👌🏼
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    I had forgot you still had this issue. I’d need to retrace my steps, firstly with MyCarly and a Bluetooth dongle (which we’ve tried), then if that fails it would be INPA via the laptop and OBD cable to totally rule out any hot and cold bulb checks.
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    Hmm. So @LewisE it was some time ago but stage 1 was going to give me 218 bhp I believe plus loads more torque. Sure with a rolling road was about £500. Don’t quote me though my memory may be failing me ha ha
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    As @Mr Watton says the Lohen packs do exactly what they say on the tin and are tried and tested. We've both pretty much got stage 2 hardware so we're planning on hopefully having a look down next year to see what power we're producing and to get the cars mapped. If you're looking for a custom setup and map then 200bhp could most likely be achieved without any real mods. But a better air filter, spark plugs and a better flowing exhaust wouldn't go a miss (and would sound so much better) I've heard good things about BTG Performance and they're probably spot on for the level of tuning you're looking at. I know that Abarth Club North East get a lot of cars done there and @j13_wtt and @MattyH92 had theirs mapped there too. So they could give a much better account of them than I can. Let us know how you get on!
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    Hey @lewismason1310, welcome to FOM. I have that exact tuning kit, and its awesome! Its a shame they dont do it anymore, Genuine MINI Parts used to do them but i cant find that kit anymore. I always wonder if the map on my car is actually a stage 1, because ever since it went into MINI some years back it never felt the same again, as it it had been flashed with non JCW software. I guess ill never know. With that said, im thinking of going down the Lohen route with the manic set up. Im sure they do different levels of tuning to match your needs, even at 200bhp. Be good to get a rolling road to see what power you currently have, then go from there. Thats my plan with @LewisE Example Lohen Performance Packs... Pack 1 = https://www.lohen.co.uk/lohen-power-pack-1 Pack 2 = https://www.lohen.co.uk/lohen-power-pack-2 You also have our sponsor @Orranje and they do loads of tuning parts to help boost that power output, like an induction kit and sports cat, pair that with a nice intercooler from Airtec and you're almost there id have thought Orranje R56 Tuning = https://orranje.co.uk/shop-by-car/bmw-mini/mini-generation-2
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    Aldi are selling a code reader for £16.99. It’s done the job on my F56. It’s a bargain to keep in the glove box for emergency’s if needed. Modified cars these are a must have. it cleared faults I had no problem.
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    They look great mate, change the look of your Mini 👌🏻😉
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