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    2nd time round finding the right place for this keep of my photos 😅 hopefully as I improve with my Nikon I can get some practice in with some different cars from the club! I'll continue to add bits and pieces as time goes on.
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    Nice work there Dan. Certainly getting to grips with the camera 👍🏻
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    Feel like I've posted these everywhere today 😆 but some of Dean's F56 from a quick shoot today...
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    They need a scrub up but I bought some second hand rubber mats, and a Mini branded bulldog who I've decided to call Stefan 😂 I also have a pair of spoiler extensions in for painting so I'll post when they're all fitted!
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    Some good photos here Dan, you are certainly getting to grips with the camera 👍🏻
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    Watching “Back to the Future” ! I don’t think I have seen any of these films in their entirety from start to finish, it’s always been a. Bit here and a bit there
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    Booking a hotel at lythum for next year before they release the dates for the festival and everything’s still cheap 😉
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