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    Recaros are in! Super happy with them. Quite straightforward to fit, though having no roof helps when getting them in and out! Not sure on the proper name for these so they shall now be known as the Recaro 'GP2esque' seats. Unpopular opinion but I much prefer them to the CS ones 😳
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    I hope so Mr, and im just in the middle of making up some digital promotional stuff
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    yes yes yes !! Good man I will shout here once the tickets are open
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    I’m off on this date. Would have to book it in my weekend schedule so I don’t book something else on this day 👍🏻
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    There's only one way to find out 😏
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    Who knew that you could get power readouts through MINI Connected! I've seen it in various BMWs but didn’t realise that the 2nd Gen MINIs had it too. Now I can really see how much power I'm not using when driving to and from work! 😂
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    Looking awesome 👍🏻
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    You aren’t hanging around with the mods on this are you. It looks ace btw and I’m sure the photos don’t do it justice either
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    I'm proposing we have a run up to Hartside on the 25th May 2019. I've thrown together a route that heads down the A695. Pretty straight forward and easy to follow! The route back is yet to be decided. It can be found here: https://goo.gl/maps/ZVUFcCaxsJdU9VnBA This route would take us down the A 695 via Linnels and Hexham through to Langley. And I'm sure you all know the way from Langley to Hartside! I'm proposing a 9am meeting time at Metrocentre McDonald's ready to set off at around 9:30am. We'll have a pit stop and photo shoot at Langley Castle before the blast up to Hartside. As the Cafe is now.. crispy.. I say we go into Alston and have Fish and Chips before heading back towards home. Any feedback is welcome, the run needs to be enjoyable for everyone! ^ Photo stolen from @Kettlepot
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    Looking forward to this @LCWElvin
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    @Alex Todd Welcome to FOM Alex 😃
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    Such a shame this is’nt real. So want one though 😁
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    Apparently thats been rectified now...thank god i got there early with the Abarth club.
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    No one would notice with the seats down and the golf sticks in! I used to do that in my Cooper S so I could have more exhaust noise 😂 Yes! I think we've all got lists as long as our arms 😳
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    Yes I do. A limited edition 2003 John Cooper Mini Cooper
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    If I didn’t have the seats I’ve got, I’d definitely have those but my ocd would need the rears to match and they are rarer than rocking horse poo !
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    New discs and pads fitted. Calipers to be painted in the next few days 👍🏻
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    These will be the last mods for a while! The bank will think I'm being fraudulent if I spend any more 😆 The photos really don't do it justice. The colour pops so much better and the metallic flake in it pops too
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    Got my car back from the wizards at DDB Detailing yesterday. They've turned it from a swirly hologram covered mess into a car that looks better than new. Completely over the moon, top work by the guys there! There is also a JCW Strut Brace and a set of JCW Leather/Alcantara seats on the way. Watch this space...
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    Not 100% sure yet mate. Your better off offering it to someone else to have the full 10 Minis on show. I’m trying my best to make it, don’t mind not parking on the stand (plus mine is’nt good enough for that)
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    They do a good job this DDB lot 🤩
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    My Mini needs machine polishing to bring the full gloss back (hoping to do that very soon). Plus front bumper is going to need repainting-someone hit it when it was parked up a few months ago. Its got a scuff and bit of paint flaking off it
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    I’m on nights on the Friday, so its not looking like I’ll be making it. Unless I can blag some time off 🤔
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    So how much power have you got ?
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