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    Thanks guys. This is mine, currently very silver and very black. Want to mix it up a little. Don't currently have any other pictures that are low enough resolution.
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    Hello everyone. Went to sports cars in the park and met this club and everyone in it was really kind and helpful.
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    Saturday 10th August - Newcastle Car Show! !! STAND SPACE FULL !! Based at Newcastle Racecourse, Gosforth Park, NE3 5HP, it will be packed full of cars, MINIs and more. Club stands need to be in by 9:00am or you may not be allowed in. One big family friendly event day.- Show Cars- Car Clubs inc FULL ON MINIs- Show N Shine- Stunt Show - Stalls and Demonstrations- Free Funfair Rides & Inflatables For Everyone!- Free Parking- Catering Village- Dogs are welcome! 1) Simon R56 2) Matty R56 3) Josh Audi S3 4) Dan F56 5) Andy F56 or TT 6) Donna Abarth 595 Comp 7) Steven TTS 8 ) David Morton GP2 9) Ian R56 10) Marcy JCW Paceman
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    Your both right 😂 Today I’ve bought some all weather JCW Mats as the cheap rubbish mini have our in are bin worthy. Also, sold more parts so that equals funds for this car. Going for a set springs at first so tonight I’ll be looking for those!
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    Some small updates only. My attempt at carbon skinning the a pillars unfortunately delaminated after a couple of years service, so had a pair carbon dipped. Added some chrome wheel bolts to tidy up the four corners. Picked up a reasonably priced second hand Mocal Oil Cooler, already mounted in a front crash bar, doing what I do with these things, wire wheeled the crash bar, painted the oil cooler and brackets, re-secured with stainless M6 bolts and nuts, replaced the seals on the adapter (as advised), then it's on to installation. In other news the family cabriolet is being rather frustrating, lost complete power to the whole car (50 amp ignition fuse being blown) The AA advised it was the battery, replaced that all OK for a while, then failed again, so it wasn't the battery, finally diagnosed (not by me) as a GPS tracker that had been installed that was potentially shorting out and blowing the ignition fuse, this has been removed, then the little Red devil decided to give me a very sloppy gear lever and access to only 3rd & 4th gear (interesting drive home through traffic lights). That fault I could diagnose and the gear cable is completely knackered with a detached rubber boot on the ball joint, new parts ordered and waiting delivery, another learning for me, you tube research has started. After a wash "Still looking good for a 17 year old"
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    Cleaning between rain showers 🤦🏻‍♂️
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    Hello, I’m Dean I have a 2015 Electric Blue Cooper S
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    Hey! I’ll be taking a water dispenser so your more than welcome to grab some of mine 👍🏻 ℹ️ Here’s the parking map. Due to low numbers we will be parked in the UK area along with MOUK, and I’ll have my event shelter too! ℹ️ Times wise, for those not meeting at Wetherby, they say the following.... “Entrance times for display cars will now start from 8:15 - 8:30 dependant on site checks” ℹ️ If you’re late then you may be parked elsewhere. ⚠️ Now, without sounding like a spoil sport, we are aware of a recent incident where two cars caused public injuries due to idiotic driving. I/we as fullonminis cannot condone such driving, and your actions will be that of your own. Don’t be that one person who ruins it for everyone else. ⚠️ ✅ Other than that...enjoy yourselves, take plenty of pics, and share your thoughts of the meet here. We don’t do many mixed events, so this will be a good indicator if we plan anymore 👍🏻
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    We are in just trying to book tickets
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    Not sounding soppy but I kind of like u guys
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    Well guys n girls, what an awesome weekend. I've not long got home, then i needed a power nap (down to old age) and had chance to reflect over the few days and edit some pictures of our stand for your viewing pleasure. Weve had some awesome feed back about our club stand and im really proud how we turned out. We had some super competition from the other clubs, and it was well deserved for Mersey MINI club to win best stand. They really upped there game this year, and we all need to have a think how we can top it off for 2020. I know we can win Id also like to say thank you for making FOM that it is today. We have come along way in 7 years, so to win the Spirit of MINI award from Mega MINI Meet was a huge surprise. Heres a link to the FOM gallery of all our MINIs on the day. Please post any images you have too, id be chuffed to see your perspective, and heres to 2020, it'll soon be here For those wanting any "rolling in" shots of the day by Dickon Siddall, please see the following link which allows you to purchase directly too https://www.dsdigital.co.uk/photo-galleries-2019/gallery332/?fbclid=IwAR0Bwp8vnrabg4qnAm-dlR9-PeaFw3EVli9xAMSNrNUtXQ5iD-Z-c4S28qE
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    a FOM video! It never happens, so being as i have the day off here we go
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    So, lost the bug with my R53. It got pulled away for scrap a few weeks back. I couldn't resist a new one so picked an F56 JCW. Blown away by the quality of the car over an R53. Still i do feel the R53 was m much more fun but it just guzzled fuel. So I've picked it up, Bought from Cooper Teesside. I had an email asking if there service was 10/10. Well, it was far short on collection day and I've let them know. Ive already bought all the Genuine b;lack line trims to replace all the chrome. Then it will be black mirrors and roof. Holiday in a few weeks too so once that is out the way ill be lowering and changing the wheels. For now ill not be going mad, unfortunately growing up slightly and having a family has its restrictions on massive car spending!!!! Ill be attending as many Meets as i can in the future, owning a MINI for the past 12 year most of my mates now come from MINI's so i need to get back in to enjoying cars and have a little me time with cars an friends at the weekends!
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    Oooft damn right it is!! Really like that 👌🏻
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    This is right up @Hollybobs Street! Looks super
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    Started the strip down to replace the gear cables on the cabriolet when they eventually arrive, with the offending damaged bush.
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    Great to meet you and see your MINI today Simon. Thanks for sharing.
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    Me time means spending far too much money on cars.
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    Nice Motor Scot, you’ll get your stamp on it soon enough. I know what you mean about family life and family needs but it will not stop the craving to go all out ! it’ll be good to catch up and see where you go with this one
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    So the main services has a huge speed bump, so for those like me, I’m going to the petrol station where there’s a New Costa Coffee 😃
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    Thanks @Mr Watton I'll pinch a little of your water then - assuming the big man upstairs doesn't dump a load down on us for free ha ha 🌧
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    I did try to talk the young one into joining but what can I say..,, kids these days!! He did say he might shotgun but that’s more for the ladies than the lads!!
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    Great ! @Aileen Bell & @LewisE I hope its a bit clearer now. Wish some website just made it a simple click hey !
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    it seams to be running ok no warnings popping up so think it’s sorted 👍
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    In case you didn’t know I’ve turned to the dark side.. feels naughty though... a few mods already bagged and the serious stuff is coming!!
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    Thank you so much to @MattyH92 for your donation FULL ON MINIs ! Was a great to have you on our FOM club sat mega MINI Meet as well as our other meets.
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    which membership do i have to buy to see the pics please
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    Thanks for the Donation Matty, appreciate the continued support to the club
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    I might try and talk my lad into coming seeing as not exclusively Minis? I will let you know ASAP Si but don’t hold a spot as I’m sceptical at best
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    No info just yet, probably after Sunday id have thought. Id still let you be on the stand any way
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    Well I like it! Im glad youve stuck around with us mad lot
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    What’s the latest on this one Si? I'm still interested and happy to park away from the pretty cars?!
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    I might take my clubs and hit a few while I’m up there?
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    Amazed! We have two tickets left...and the events only been on for 2 hours ! wow
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    @essjay_jcw I know for future reference hehe
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    Cool! I’m on it and just for the record... it’s a TTS, not just a TT
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    Hell yes...get that ticket bought ! Ill put you down on the list
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    Am I still worthy? my weekend off and would love to catch up?
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