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    Given the strange world we are all currently existing in, I thought I’d get some normality going (thank god I’m classed as a key worker). I installed one of my Christmas gifts - Helix short shifter - it certainly does what’s it states and has reduced the gear Shift travel. Before, during and after photos attached. I also have the same item for a 2004 onwards model if anybody would like to collect it, provided in error by the supplier. The convertible is in for its MOT next week, all appears fine I am just awaiting delivery of coolant to change that out. http://store.helix13.com/template/install_guides/SSK.pdf
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    Hey Dean, yeah I've never tried with tape - it's probably too wide. Of course I'll help you once lockdown is over. Just need somewhere dry and power for hair dryer. Plus a good tip is for the car to have been dry for a few days as water can seep out from under the belt line while you are doing it even when it looks dry. I just re-did a couple of sections I wasn't happy with and it looks great now.
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    If I order the kit from SMPS2012 would you be able to assist in fitting @Kai2k I don’t trust myself 🙃
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