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    Sorry guys, didn’t take many photos this time, but hear is what I did take !
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    Hi guys. Finally got my car dechromed and thought I’d show it off. I’m really pleased with it.
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    So I’m back! Had a R55 clubman Cooper S, sold that and got a late R53, sold that and got a punto ☺️ Now back in a R56 Cooper S. Midnight black lounge leather and all the toys! Happy days
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    One of the few pictures I took. Edited a little just make it prettier 😀 fantastic to see so many cars turn up and to see so many familiar and new faces.
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    Hi all, I've been into classic Mini's for over 20 years and a few years ago between classic's I bought an R56 and fell in love with her until I blew the engine! Last year a cheap Y reg came up for sale near me and it was time to re-kindle the love for these cars. So we now own Thelma (classic) and Louise!
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    Washed both cars today, its been a long time coming as they were both disgusting! Got the TDs back on the Roadster and they're on for good this time 😊 Also fitted an Ultragauge Mount, looks quite tidy and the position is spot on. Just screws into the back of the rev counter using the existing holes. Tomorrow is the day for the Sports Cat and Intercooler.. Also bought some coilovers today... Watch this space!
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    Thanks for the add guys
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    Cracking run out today. Nice to see some new faces and people mooching around chatting to one another, even when strangers. I think that’s what sets the FOM scene apart from other car clubs.- the people. Thanks for making it an enjoyable day. MINI is clean and back in the garage sleeping ha ha
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    What a morning guys, Absolutley loved it. Great to see loads of new faces too, totally awesome. Thanks to @F56-dmg for organising your first meeting, super success to have 17 come along. heres a couple of pics, I’ll post more later on in the Gallery 😃
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    Great day at MINI In the Park 2019 today at its new venue of Mallory Park. Was odd not having a drag strip but the racing on track from both classic and modern MINIs certainly made in enjoyable (thanks to Jamie and Jordan) pop pop pop. The trade stands are slowly getting more varied for the newer MINIs, and Chromiumtech Ltd. @Orranje Performance & Lohen looked awesome. 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻 Thanks to @LewisE, @Emily Jane Brown , Connor , @Aileen Bell and Stuart for the stand today. Also Ali, Andy, @F56-dmg, @Barrie Lyndon Brooks & Sally for keeping me entertained and out of trouble 😃 Even the drive home was awesome with a rather smart Black/Red Clubman and GP14FUN (MINI GP2) amongst a few 😎 Definitely one for the Diary next time. 😃
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    Great to see we have smashed that 1000 member mark! Thank you to everyone who makes FOM that it is today. The amount that goes on behind the scenes to keep this club viable and working is crazy, but if it wasnt for members like yourselves, well there would be no FULLONMINIs. That said, we are a non profit club, and FOM does have monthly costs, so support via memberships, sticker purchases and more goes a long way! thanks again, and we hope to see you at the next event/meet team FOM
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    Buy food from garage before getting to the top ! Issue = Sorted
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    I'll second that. Me and Clare had a great time on Sunday.
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    Here's a couple of snaps which I took on the run.
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    Thanks everyone for a great day! I thoroughly enjoyed it and it was great to see 14 MINIs turn out despite the questionable weather! I usually take loads more pictures.. but here's a selection of what I managed to snap. Does having a dirty bum ^ represent that you've had a good time? Or is that something else? 🙄
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    Following many discussions with @Kai2kabout how easy side skirt fins were to remove and how best to do it, I grabbed the keys and pulled the car out of the garage for a closer look. This ended in ..(photo below) I had seen it done on MINIs at shows but did not want to remove the whole skirt to do it. im not fully happy with the paint finish so will repaint them at a later date (during lockdown)
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    Thanks Mr Watton and Kettlepot! I'm from the Netherlands;) I recently bought my 2nd MINI F56, had a Cooper S before and now having a Cooper with JCW pack which I'm now trying to make into my favourite MINI build. I saw some great inspirational builds on this forum so thought why not join!:)
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    I should be clear for this one 👍🏻
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    Finally Joined the FOM forum. Been a Facebook page member for a few years now. Currently own a 2019 F56 JCW in British racing green IV with red roof and mirrors. Some plans to mod it soon, decided to keep this one. Most of you will know me already but hi to those that don’t. Martin
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    This is my first car.
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    Lets hope so. Can’t wait. Been doing a bit of cleaning in readiness!
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    This shot I’ve just been out and took came out rather well 😍
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    Thanks guys. This is mine, currently very silver and very black. Want to mix it up a little. Don't currently have any other pictures that are low enough resolution.
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    My R50, Pepper will be making an appearance
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    Recaros are in! Super happy with them. Quite straightforward to fit, though having no roof helps when getting them in and out! Not sure on the proper name for these so they shall now be known as the Recaro 'GP2esque' seats. Unpopular opinion but I much prefer them to the CS ones 😳
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    Im sure if you buy the special edition Italian Job box set it gives you a behind the scenes look at how they made the gen 1 MINIs for the film. Its quite interesting actually
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    Yay, someone photographed the Golf 👍🏻
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    I thought it was the aerial for your custom Raspberry Pi setup you've got? 🤔🤷‍♂️
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    Thanks for the input guys btw... I seriously cant wait to pick it up lol. Watch out roads!!
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    Always ✔️✔️✔️✔️✔️😃
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    Thanks to all for making this another enjoyable run. I appreciate everyone making the effort to travel for this especially Stuart who came all the way from Ripon is his GP2 and of course Chris from Hull. anyway, time for the photos (I’m sure there will be more from the camera, these are just from my phone and go-pro)
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    This is the car that makes me want those wheels 😎
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    Thanks for the warm welcome guys, I should've done this when i first got my Mini. Looking forward to see what everyone has done to their cars, suspension, exhausts, detailing etc, I can understand why you may want to put your own stamp on your Mini's 😉
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