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    That'll be sweet, I'll get there before 6 and hang in the Travelodge car park ✌️ Cheers lads.
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    @Davey is now Leader of the Rebel Green Owners Club πŸ˜€
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    What a cracking run. Super turn out. Excellent driving and excellent company. Thanks to everyone for making it such a great event. I had a very Pheasant time (chortle). My car is 'back to normal' already πŸ˜‚ #needtogetalife.
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    This is the car that makes me want those wheels 😎
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    Just don’t tell Simon, he can’t keep secrets. He admits this himself !
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    So I spoke to my friendly independent today, whom I have used for years and trust. They said they've had spongy brake pedal issues with a few BMW cars and it's almost always the ABS pump that needs to be bled. Apparently they hook up a diagnostic machine to the car and put it in to bleed mode. It pulses the ABS pump and tells the mechanic which corner to unlock, at which time. It's booked in for a week Sat. While I'm on I'll give them 4 x new bleed nipples. Might as well! I'll post back the results. So far it's the cheapest thing to try.
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    Thank you @Kettlepot I've been a member of several different mini groups for a few years, and had a look on here last night and everyone seemed really helpful and friendly so thought id join I have also been following the instagram page for a while too! I've attached a few photos of my F56s which I purchased in September after trading in my R56 JCW. Since the purchase I have completed a full dechrome, roof and mirrors sprayed blue, grill bar and S badges wrapped blue, Maxton front splitter, JCW spoiler extensions + super sport tyres all round. Still a few things left to finish it off! Car came with straight piped exhausts, res delete, sports cat, ramair cone filter + stage 1 remap
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    I'm always full of good ideas, we tend to do that when away biking, keeps the cost down massively providing there's commitment. I'm a little excited I could wee my knickers.
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    Hello, I’m Dean I have a 2015 Electric Blue Cooper S
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    I'm all booked up πŸ‘πŸ»
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    So @Littleredhead said farewell to Letti, the Cooper S. It was touch and go really in regards getting another MINI, and what with Donna trying to decide between an F56 S or and Audi S1 she only went and bought a 595 Competizione! Go Figure LOL. Its pretty well specced to be fair, and what with the 595 Competiione having 180bhp in something that weights as much as a shoe, its pretty damn good if im honest. Yes its only a 1.4, and the seat position is odd an high, it certainly has the noise from the full monza exhaust system and pace of something Donna would really go for. Its got a BMC induction kit, special black leather upgraded seats, carbon fibre steering wheel centre section, alcantara dash top, full Brembo brake package with drilled front and rear discs and a pretty funky full LCD dash. Donna says she can get more shopping in this than the MINI, but I wouldn't know anything about that comment haha. I think ive surprised a few who ive taken out in it @LCWElvin @Kai2k Picture timeeeeeeeee....
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    I've added you to the list πŸ‘
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    Thanks Guys...not had a chance to get back on here since joining due to work... Always gets in the way right? Anyways am going to more of an effort.....where you guys from and how long you been into Minis?
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    Can’t be that big to fit in there πŸ€”
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    If I could get away with it, I'd have Mini's everywhereπŸ˜‚
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    Hi Dave I got mine off fleabay mate for my f55 mini
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    @LewisR53 Looking Super moody now !
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    Looking forward to this. Had a little warm up run tonight up to Hartside, car performed brilliantly. Unfortunately I er, found the limits of my brakes : bubbling Hammerite - oops πŸ˜‚
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    Hello and thanks for the warm welcome. Happened across your FB group and i prefer forums so thought i'd register. This is the daily and i'm based near Driffield East Yorkshire so will be on the look out for any local'ish runs.
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    I had bonnet stripes on both of my hatches and think they really suited it. Some colours suit bonnet stripes and some don't but it's all down to personal taste! I've always added John Cooper signatures to mine to give them a bit more of a feature. I'm sure whatever you've gone for it'll look great 😁
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    Starting this year off in a blaze of glory!!! AEM intake just fitted, subtlety better noise, noticeably better feels! Helix short shifter fitted by a friend, Jamie Halliday aka the Mini whisperer!🀩 It probably is THE best thing I’ve done to the car to date!!πŸ‘Œ Looking forward to seeing how much of a difference it’s all made on the next run out!
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    He does all the painting of parts too aswell does’nt he? πŸ€” You’d think it was his Mini πŸ€ͺπŸ˜‚
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    In Donnas defence, JCW has MINI on the Front and Back, the Abarth has, you guessed it, Abarth front and back lol. If it went like JCWs then it would be like saying "FULL On 595 Competizione", and that is a mouthful lmfao
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    Welcome to FullOnMINIs! Lovely looking R52 you have there. Hope to see it and yourself at some shows!
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    Welcome to FullOnMinis πŸ‘πŸ»
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    OH Yes! Good call on the Volvo, how could I forget that! @Bornared I heard weight was another factor too, sure was an epic time of my life when they were about.
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    Enjoyed the show and good to meet up with people again, and some new people too πŸ‘πŸ» Agree with the lack of traders/vendors for new Mini’s. Me and Dan did speak to a Mini breaker about taking some of his goodies with him to the show-he was away on holiday though πŸ˜• Will be trying to talk him into attending next year πŸ˜‰
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    Me and Dan will be driving down Sunday morning, I’ll be aiming for 8am at the car park πŸ‘πŸ»
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    I wish! But at least it will have an engine that wont be made of cheese anymore.
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    Got a email today from them about a subscription and from the front cover it looks like I’m in it lol
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    After a lot of communication between SMPS2012 (site sponsor) I ordered the belt line kit. I literally couldn’t wait to fit it so pretty much went out and cracked straight on.
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    Couple of bits done tonight modified and painted intercooler cover with custom purple S to match the roof and also started the dechroming with the fuel flap painting black
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    I know of a few out there but it's something I'd never considered as i like cleaning my cars myself. (That way there is only one person to blame for any swirls) I guess it all depends you promote yourself, if you use Car Cleaning, Valeter, Detailer ???? as each will have its own interpretations, a cleaner won't detail, a detailer will be expensive ??????
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    Last Day for tickets tomorrow 12pm ! No more reminders.
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    Thank you so much to @MattyH92 for your donation FULL ON MINIs ! Was a great to have you on our FOM club sat mega MINI Meet as well as our other meets.
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    I can believe it! πŸ˜„
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    looking like its going to be a great turn out
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    Now then @Littleredhead this is up your street hehe
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