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    Great day at MINI In the Park 2019 today at its new venue of Mallory Park. Was odd not having a drag strip but the racing on track from both classic and modern MINIs certainly made in enjoyable (thanks to Jamie and Jordan) pop pop pop. The trade stands are slowly getting more varied for the newer MINIs, and Chromiumtech Ltd. @Orranje Performance & Lohen looked awesome. πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ» Thanks to @LewisE, @Emily Jane Brown , Connor , @Aileen Bell and Stuart for the stand today. Also Ali, Andy, @F56-dmg, @Barrie Lyndon Brooks & Sally for keeping me entertained and out of trouble πŸ˜ƒ Even the drive home was awesome with a rather smart Black/Red Clubman and GP14FUN (MINI GP2) amongst a few 😎 Definitely one for the Diary next time. πŸ˜ƒ
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    Coilovers fitted.. off for a test drive 😳
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    Seeing as the Newcastle car show is cancelled until the 14th September, this little event is also on. It'll be situated at Stratton’s MINI Teeside, Silverlink , 8.30 to 10.30. From what I can see via FB I can see a few of us going, but for those not on FB, here we go πŸ‘πŸ» Hopefully see you there....
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    Great little meet up this morning. Thanks to all those who came along and braved the weather. Some pics for your viewing pleasure πŸ˜ƒ Hopefully we get invited again πŸ˜„
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    Yeah, I have the top adjustable coil overs, RUFF front camber plates and Whiteline drop links from @Orranje too πŸ‘πŸ»
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    There’s one road in Thornaby that makes you feel your not even in Thonaby.. this road is awesome in spring time too with all the blossom from the trees!
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    Test drive went well, these ST X Coilovers are excellent. Didn’t feel any different to the stock suspension comfort wise. It’s low, looks awesome and rides well.
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    Don't fall for it, she's luring you into a false sense of security! 🀣
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    Hi everyone, I used to be on these forums back in 2013 when I had my R53. Since then I have owned an R56 Cooper S last year and Im soon to be back in a Mini again hopefully picking up this JCW on Saturday.
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    Hi Everyone, So all names below have been forwarded on to the organisers of the Newcastle Car Show. When stopped with your ticket you will say you are with FULL ON MINIs and they will match your ticket and your name to the stand Thank you to @MattyH92 for your help and assistance with this 1) Simon Watton - R56 @Mr Watton 2) Matty Hills - R56 @MattyH92 3) Josh Brown - Audi S3 4) Daniel Tait - F56 @f56_dan 5) Andy Wood - F56 or TT 6) Donna Bell - Abarth 595 Comp @Littleredhead 7) Steven Jewitt - TTS @j13_wtt 8 ) David Morton - GP2 @David 'Mini' Morton 9) Ian Brown - R56 @Kettlepot 10) Marc Henderson - JCW Paceman @marcy
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    I’ve got some one interested in the last few parts from my R53.. which in turn means funds for coil overs in the next week I hope. Managed to machine polish half the car yesterday. Still need the time and weather to do the rest! So so I’m about a weeks time, it should be lowered with all chrome removed! Im getting a divorce πŸ˜‚
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    For those on the stand, we are in Zone A πŸ‘πŸ»
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    πŸ“’ Ok Guys and Girls. So for this Sundays meeting place I have chosen a location of Desford at 8.30am. Theres a small car park which is 7 minutes / 3.5 miles away from the venue. There is 5 MINIs on our convoy in so this will be plenty of room. The address for the location is: The Blue Bell 39 High Street Desford Leicester LE9 9JF We must leave that car park for 9.00am. If we are together by this time then we will roll in early. All club stand cars must be in position at venue (Mallory Park LE9 7QE) by 9.30am or access with be declined by the site organiser. I don't see any other clubs using this area so it should be exclusive for us to meet up. If there are any issues for anyone please contact me on 07964 916525. I will be driving down the same day so i do apologize if my hairs a mess LOL. If theres anyone driving down who wants to convoy with me then 1) Please let me know and 2) Expect it to be an early start (its 3 hours away from NE5 Newcastle) :D ⚠️ PS. DONE FORGET TO PRINT YOUR TICKET OFF ! ⚠️
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    Those who have ordered tickets should have an email from MiTP today. You need to print these off to present on the day as well as your vehicle pass.
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    Sorry for the brief message earlier but I was at work. I just wanted to get the message out there for everyone πŸ‘πŸ»
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    Just spotted this on FB. Thanks @marcy for warning
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    We will be yeah. I’m conscious of loads of clubs meeting close to the event which will leave us stuck, I’ll post somewhere to meet tomorrow so we can all roll in together πŸ‘πŸ»
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    Hi guys, are we meeting near the event to roll in as a group on Saturday?
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    Looks like a great little photo location! 😁
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    Is that what you are running mate?
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    Are you starting to practice your signature for the divorce papers ?
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    Delivery today. Should be lowered all being well over the weekend!
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    I suppose I'll come along πŸ˜› (Providing I'm not in the middle of a house move)
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    Found PCD adapters at Β£110 for a pair!
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    Tickets are now closed. I will post about a meet point and time very soon.
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    Looks like somebody is in trouble!! 🀣
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    I'll be there! πŸ™‹β€β™‚οΈ
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    PUB PUB PUB! I'll come along providing I'm off work 😁
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    Last Day for tickets tomorrow 12pm ! No more reminders.
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    I'll be there πŸ˜‰
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    Nice one Scott, be good to see you all again πŸ‘πŸ»
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    We will all be there, Probably go on a boat ride with Mia!
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    FULLONMINIs has grown quite considerably over the years so what we have done is get all our social media links in one place. Be that our huge online Forum, Facebook, Twitter, Youtube and more, save the link below somewhere safe so you can get direct access to all of them. You can even send donations and also ask for any support . We hope you find this a useful feature. https://getsl.ink/fullonminis
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    Actually disregard this I have found the website order bookmark and it says I’ll receive a txt confirmation closer to time so I can send that to someone when I get it!
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    Might have a problem coz I don’t seem to have any email receipt for it? i definitely bought it last week but no record of doing it!
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    Thanks mate, wasnt sure if the local meets were listed elsewhere with all those being shows lol. I'll keep an eye out as I wouldnt mind trying to pop along!
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    Any events i will post in the following Events Section.... https://www.fullonminis.co.uk/Forum/forum/8-full-on-events/ Local Krispy Kreme meet will be nearer end of August...keep an eye out soon for a date of when that will happen
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    Car is looking good Simon 😎
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    I did just after I replied myself, i didnt see it before hand
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    Dont worry she is always like that...πŸ˜†πŸ™Š...Sorry Scotty
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    Carbon mirror caps bought 😳
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    I really thought the unwelcome greeting I got from your wife when collecting parts was due to me turning up early. I now know it was you and your Mini addiction and spending too much money.
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    @Littleredhead I didn’t spot the spoiler for a while
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    I know a guy who might be wanting to sell his Grupe M induction kit @Maverick Gives you a good excuse to come up too
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    Yes @Mr Watton given how relatively few MINIs were there I was surprised how many nice people came over to talk. A credit to the cars and the club. Thanks for your efforts Si πŸ‘
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    Sorry Si but I can’t commit to the stand for this but I could still show my face and support 😒
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