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    Just popped out to take a quick picture as tbh I’m not keen on the white. I thought it would grow on me but I’m not so sure.
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    Pretty cool but I won’t be splashing cash at that price any time soon.
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    I’d be up for this again, always enjoy MMM 😊
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    Hi, Hopefully a simple question, will none run flat tyres fit standard mini R56 Cooper S alloy's? If so what reasonably priced tyres would you fit? Any help would be appreciated thanks. Sparky
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    heya @Kiddkaos , welcome to FULL ON MINIs
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    Car looks good ! photos look good ! nice one Scott
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    Just took some more snaps. They are growing on me. 😂
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    I use Goodyear Eagle F1s. Great performance in both the wet and dry
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    Awesome stuff, that looks mega! Persevere with the white, I think it looks great
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    Just starting on the door cards, just done the handle section but seems the rest of the gloss black parts are plastic welded to the door card! 😳
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    Quick bit of Alcantara done. Struggling to get the part of behind the Rev counter!
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    Demon Tweeks ok eBay. I’ve been waiting fir an eBay discount to pop up I ordered tyres on Sunday then a 20% code goes live on Tuesday 😳 there where £245 for 4 and would have saved £50! The reviews for these tyres are awesome!
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    Some fantastic looking Minis there. 👍🏼
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    Tyres bought. Went for Falken FK510’s as the reviews seem awesome. Hopefully I’ll have them fitted by next weekend.
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    In case anyone was interested in how my Mini looks under its new owner
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