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  1. GEEK MODE: So...ive done some digging and it does seem pretty common to be the ELV, the steering lock. If the car has battery issues and various other factors, then there is an internal counter within the CAS Control unit that can MAX out its tries to fix itself. usually when it maxes out it fully shuts itself down, meaning ££££ to repair. Ive done some background work (as well as reinstalling INPA, NCSDummy, MCSExpert, WinKFP, and more importantly Tool32 which can clear this counter and im hoping will allow me to start the car to get it home to do more checks. Thats a massive priority for me!
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  2. Aldi are selling a code reader for £16.99. It’s done the job on my F56. It’s a bargain to keep in the glove box for emergency’s if needed. Modified cars these are a must have. it cleared faults I had no problem.
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  3. Cool idea but the price is a bit mad tbh leave it to rolls Royce lol
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  4. There it is! Airtec all the way 😉 Stage 2 INCOMING!! 😏😏
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