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    For those on the stand, we are in Zone A 👍🏻
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    📢 Ok Guys and Girls. So for this Sundays meeting place I have chosen a location of Desford at 8.30am. Theres a small car park which is 7 minutes / 3.5 miles away from the venue. There is 5 MINIs on our convoy in so this will be plenty of room. The address for the location is: The Blue Bell 39 High Street Desford Leicester LE9 9JF We must leave that car park for 9.00am. If we are together by this time then we will roll in early. All club stand cars must be in position at venue (Mallory Park LE9 7QE) by 9.30am or access with be declined by the site organiser. I don't see any other clubs using this area so it should be exclusive for us to meet up. If there are any issues for anyone please contact me on 07964 916525. I will be driving down the same day so i do apologize if my hairs a mess LOL. If theres anyone driving down who wants to convoy with me then 1) Please let me know and 2) Expect it to be an early start (its 3 hours away from NE5 Newcastle) :D ⚠️ PS. DONE FORGET TO PRINT YOUR TICKET OFF ! ⚠️
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    Those who have ordered tickets should have an email from MiTP today. You need to print these off to present on the day as well as your vehicle pass.
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