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    Hi everyone, I used to be on these forums back in 2013 when I had my R53. Since then I have owned an R56 Cooper S last year and Im soon to be back in a Mini again hopefully picking up this JCW on Saturday.
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    Hi Everyone, So all names below have been forwarded on to the organisers of the Newcastle Car Show. When stopped with your ticket you will say you are with FULL ON MINIs and they will match your ticket and your name to the stand Thank you to @MattyH92 for your help and assistance with this 1) Simon Watton - R56 @Mr Watton 2) Matty Hills - R56 @MattyH92 3) Josh Brown - Audi S3 4) Daniel Tait - F56 @f56_dan 5) Andy Wood - F56 or TT 6) Donna Bell - Abarth 595 Comp @Littleredhead 7) Steven Jewitt - TTS @j13_wtt 8 ) David Morton - GP2 @David 'Mini' Morton 9) Ian Brown - R56 @Kettlepot 10) Marc Henderson - JCW Paceman @marcy
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    Car is looking good Simon 😎
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    Dont worry she is always like that...😆🙊...Sorry Scotty
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    Carbon mirror caps bought 😳
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    @Littleredhead I didn’t spot the spoiler for a while
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    Yes @Mr Watton given how relatively few MINIs were there I was surprised how many nice people came over to talk. A credit to the cars and the club. Thanks for your efforts Si 👍
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