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    Ahhh damn, unable to get the arm off. Even after soaking for a while in WD, not budging. I’ll have to get a puller which isn’t a bad thing I guess as I’ll have loads of other uses for it 😂 so gave him a wash behind the ears this morning before I go back to more home DIY 👍🏻
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    Mine came with the original Italian Job too. Looks cheesy to watch these days, the newer one that is, but back when the Gen1 first came out it was really cool Just made you want to go out and find a tunnel to blast down, or drive over the roof of somewhere random. haha.
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    Thank you for the add and welcome been into minis since my first car at 17 a BRG 1275gt gosh if only id known what it would be worth now in money and heritage currently have a JCW Roadster and I think she’s a keeper per
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    Im sure if you buy the special edition Italian Job box set it gives you a behind the scenes look at how they made the gen 1 MINIs for the film. Its quite interesting actually
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