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    Fair enough ! Pointless getting unwanted attention from the rozzers
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    Hi all. So as some of you know I often get 'jcw envy' . As such I keep lurking on the auto trader and now and again see nice JCW's which fit the bill bar they have leather - I prefer cloth. I was just wondering how difficult it is to swap over seats ? Principally it's just bolts but I know nothing about the air bags. Anyone done this ? Is there any coding involved ? Thanks in advance.
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    Thanks Simon that's relay helpful. Thinking I might be able to do a deal with a dealer - he keeps the leather I keep my mint half leathers. We will see 👍
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    Should be a straight forward swap tbh. Only airbags to worry about are the front seats. Will need the battery disconnecting but shouldn’t need any coding at all 😃
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    @Kai2k one of yours buddy 👍🏻😃
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