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    Noooo @Mr Watton..... That's what everyone else will need when it makes it's reappearance in March πŸ˜‰πŸ˜‰.
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    Just a quick update. Car has basically been broken for the entirity of 2018 now 😫 Hoping to have it back on the road soon, but the mechanic its currently with seems to enjoy holidays more than working on cars. Stay tuned for progress.
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    Steven Jewitt (depending on date/shifts)
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    Massive thanks to Ian the exhaust whisperer last night. My problematic tips were finally persuaded to come off via fire, hammers, chisels and drills! Here’s one we prepared earlier And this was the end result GTT tips ftw. I’d like to say I helped but I stood there like a fool while Ian came up with ideas [emoji23]
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    Was gonna do some work on the car this weekend but 'issues' with the car might have shelved that. At least it looks good while its in engine check mode though
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