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    So I’m back! Had a R55 clubman Cooper S, sold that and got a late R53, sold that and got a punto ☺️ Now back in a R56 Cooper S. Midnight black lounge leather and all the toys! Happy days
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    Plans are going into place for the first 2020 get together/ drive out route to follow when confirmed meeting at Blue Reef Aquarium Car Park, Tynemouth 9am to leave 9:15am
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    What a morning guys, Absolutley loved it. Great to see loads of new faces too, totally awesome. Thanks to @F56-dmg for organising your first meeting, super success to have 17 come along. heres a couple of pics, I’ll post more later on in the Gallery 😃
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    Brakes done. I’m in 👍
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    I do!! It's been ok 🤞🏼 I'll make sure they are full 😂
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    This shot I’ve just been out and took came out rather well 😍
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    Busted! Only belt line and handle covers to do when the weather warms up. Full LED interior lamps fitted too! Next step is JCW aero
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    This all sounds like a lot of nice 😊
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    @Mr Watton thanks for this. I’ve actually decided, after much research to go for RBF 660. Being DOT 4 it meets the recommendation of MINI but it’s wet and dry boiling points actually exceed DOT 5.1. For what I need it seems the perfect product and comes highly regarded. The only thing not so good is the price ! I’ll report back once the brakes are done to let you know the verdict. Thanks for the advice everyone.
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    Hi guys. Put my name down for this one please. I will be looking to travel down on the day. Cheers Kev
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    Hi guys. I am defo up for a run out and stretch one's legs 👍
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    I'm always full of good ideas, we tend to do that when away biking, keeps the cost down massively providing there's commitment. I'm a little excited I could wee my knickers.
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    Happy Christmas Everyone
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    Brakes are bled! Quick 5 mile road test with nooooo problems to report. No warning lights, no issues. If anyone is doing brake fluid bleeds on these then I highly recommend a pressure bleeder. Worth its weight in gold. Thank you to the following peeps for the support while getting this sorted out.... @Kettlepot @ThomasW @Andy @LewisE @Littleredhead @Nicola Gebbels its been an adventure, just leaves the wheel bearings to sort now, which should have happened before all this drama after fitting a battery 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
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    I might have to try this as I have some leds that will work a treat thanks for the write up
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    No worries, I’ve found the bulb monitoring still triggers with cheap bulbs despite me turning it off. I should be able to turn it off for you at the next meet 👍🏻
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    That glossy shine 😎 .
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    Drivers seat now repaired and recoloured some before and afters, drying for 24 hours before protection.
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    Hi all. I just thought I would post a quick update. Yesterday I did a full brake job - discs pads and fluid. To recap I have fitted EBC dimpled and grooved discs all round along with EBC green stuff pads. I’ve replaced the fluid with MOTUL RBF 660 DOT 4 fluid. I’ve driven about 20 miles since fitting but already the brakes feel much better. They just require much less effort to stop the car and feel much more ‘bitey’ even at slow speeds. What I learnt whilst doing the work: Check your nipples first (lol) - my front 2 could really do with changing and will be done next time. If your pads warning has shown on the dash you need one or both pads sensors replacing. Buy these at the start. I naively thought I could just reset the computer. Buy or borrow a pressure bleeder. Wow. I’ve never known bleeding brakes to be so easy! I’ll post back an update on the brakes performance once I’ve ran them in. Unfortunately given the state of them prior to the work I’m unable to determine if the fluid change or discs & pads change made the main improvement. Now I know how easy it is with a pressure bleeder it seems like there is no reason to not replace the fluid anyway when doing the discs and pads. Thanks for all of the help and advice.
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    Haha cheers, I went to a few VW shows years ago but last one was around 2012 as that whole thing isn’t my cup of tea really. Couldn’t resist lowering the mini when I got it and may get some wheels for it this year as I chucked a set of winters on the standard ones after I picked it up but think that and a map are the only mods this will be getting
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    And a few more pics of the R32. Back to the mini, is big fish tuning still the go to place for generic remaps?
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    Coming from various other high power cars and it replaced a 2014 c class merc diesel that went like a rocket ship it’s very sluggish in comparison, on the plus side though mpg is good meaning I can spend more on my other project in the garage
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    Hi @Rawr32, wecome to FullOnMINIs! I bought a R56 SD for my daily driver in November as well. What do you think so far? I'm quite impressed by the amount of torque for the size of the car
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    Great job done there! 100% better than the first photo you posted of them
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    Thanks for the advice though I really do appreciate it.
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    That does look rather odd in the exhaust. Burn it out with flames 🔥 😂
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    Have you still got the bottles from the last run ?
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    I think I agree ☝️
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    Yup I'd be up for this PROVIDED I get my brakes done by then
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    Wowsers! @LewisE that all sounds brill. I'm looking forward to hearing your verdict on those mods.
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    I've seen a few R56's from the US with the F56 style front lights now, not sure if they're copies though, I think it looks quite smart nonetheless.
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    I've had a busy (and expensive!) Christmas period buying new bits and pieces for the R59. I've finally bought all of the 'Stage 2' hardware that I need, just need to get round to fitting it! I had contemplated going to Lohen and buying their 'Performance Pack 2' but then thought why pay their prices when I can surely source the individual items, fit them myself and then go for a remap? I've bought: Airtec Intercooler Milltek 200 cell Sports Cat Downpipe ITG Foam Panel filter NGK uprated spark plugs - ILKR8E6 1442 (ones from an Evo X I believe) The Intercooler and downpipe aren't brand new, but nearly new at less than 1 year old and with minimal miles of use. By buying these items I've managed to save a substantial amount of money over brand new and shiny bits. Looking forward to February - the car is due an MOT at the beginning of the month and it'll be getting a service straight after. Once that is out the way it's getting the Intercooler and downpipe fitted along with the Team Dynamics wheels I keep forgetting about. I'm not finished there though! I've still got a few bits on my list to buy such as an uprated diverter valve, a set of ST Coilovers and adjustable top mounts... Watch this space!
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    Thanks @Mr Watton believe it or not that photo is about 8 months old, all that's changed is the bonnet scoop since then. Slowly does it 😂
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    And here is a really good article explaining the differences between DOT spec - https://new.minimania.com/The_ABC_s_of_Brake_Fluid
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    Happy New Year everyone for 2020 from all at FULL ON MINIs ! Thank you to everyone who made 2019 so great for the club, we cant wait to see what 2020 brings , woop woop! Enjoy everyone...BE GOOD
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    Happy New Year, all the best for the upcoming decade! 😃
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    All the best for 2020 everyone 🥳
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    I’m all booked too, probably drive down Saturday and go into hotel again. Possibly drive home Sunday night 😏
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    @Kai2k I started with whatever I could get my hands on if I'm honest. I bought the black light trims from @Mr Watton. The genuine black MINI items (and the non genuine covers for that matter) are quite expensive if you buy them new! I know that if you buy a black line tail light set that you get some black rear light surrounds as part of the kit. If you just want the genuine black surrounds it's probably best to keep an eye on eBay and FB marketplace for people selling them secondhand. I've got some vinyl wrap in the house as I'm going to wrap all of the chrome on my SD just to save a bit of money. A belt line kit from SMPS would probably be the easiest and cheapest place to start and just go from there. I did wrap the washer nozzle covers, I thought it looked more OEM than having covers stuck over them 👍🏻 If you need anything mate just give me a shout 😁
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    Oh no! I like totally want to watch MINIs racing. Guess though I’ll get to see that anyway if I attend MINI in the park eh @Mr Watton ? 😀
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    Looks like it will be Santa Pod for 2021. I only heard about this from FB so I’m pretty annoyed that the organisers do this without contact clubs first and discussing what’s best. It’s clear to me from comments and discussion made by others that Mallory Park was a winner so going back to Santa Pod is a step backwards. That place need a thorough upgrade to its facilities and the like. I had even bought my ticket and track time for this year, bummer!
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