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    Super run out this morning. We were super lucky with they weather hey 😃 Great catching up with all, including newbies 😊 heres some piccccccsssss....
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    Recaros are in! Super happy with them. Quite straightforward to fit, though having no roof helps when getting them in and out! Not sure on the proper name for these so they shall now be known as the Recaro 'GP2esque' seats. Unpopular opinion but I much prefer them to the CS ones 😳
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    First time in probably 3 years...I’m polishing the car! Honest 😂 So tonight, front bumper, bonnet, “A” pillars top and bottom and the mirror caps. Some Menzerna Final Finish to get rid of the swirls and scratches, then some Zymol wax, topped off with some high gloss protection from Autoglym. Super smooth, bring on the beading! Will do the rest of the car like the doors, rear quarter panels, boot, rear bumper, “C” pillars and the roof over the next few days ready for some more show time 😎
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    Thanks Guys...not had a chance to get back on here since joining due to work... Always gets in the way right? Anyways am going to more of an effort.....where you guys from and how long you been into Minis?
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    Will just leave this here
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    Managed to get myself a nearly new OMP bucket seat at a silly low price 😁 I still need to use my rear seats from time to time at the moment, so a single bucket seat for now. Can’t wait to get it fitted 👍🏻
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    Are we having a dirtiest car competition lol
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    I’ve invited MINI Owners UK from Facebook to join us on the FOM stand. Please make them welcome on the day 😃
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    Breakfast on Si ? I'll be there at 6 lol
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    Breakfast on Si?! I'll be there at 8 😂
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    Hope you can Paul 😃
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    I should be OK for this but will confirm closer to the date!
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    I'll be there tomorrow
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    Not long until this event. I’ve been reminded that we need to be in place for around 9.30 ready for the start. It will start filling up quickly with cars so we need to be in place or theres a chance you might not get placed with us. First come, first parked 😃
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    Looking forward to this @LCWElvin
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    I hope so Mr, and im just in the middle of making up some digital promotional stuff
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    yes yes yes !! Good man I will shout here once the tickets are open
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    I’m off on this date. Would have to book it in my weekend schedule so I don’t book something else on this day 👍🏻
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    There's only one way to find out 😏
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    Who knew that you could get power readouts through MINI Connected! I've seen it in various BMWs but didn’t realise that the 2nd Gen MINIs had it too. Now I can really see how much power I'm not using when driving to and from work! 😂
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    They do a good job this DDB lot 🤩
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    Looks like I'm very hydrated then! 🤣
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    Saving some pennies but not sure what I’m buying just yet 🤣 72 hour next week 😂
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    Still taking lots of pics of the car....do quite like this one tho..
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    Yeah they have the side mounted brackets with them. I’m going to make an adapter plate so I can bolt them to a standard set of Mini runners 😉 I’ll be using a resistor to complete the airbag sensor delete 👍🏻
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    I’m sure this will be a new car once you’ve finished with it @RT2002MCS Looks pretty good from the pics so I dread what it looked like before 😄
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    I did 400 miles on Sunday and then 200 miles on the Tuesday, my MPG average was 33.7 😂😂
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    48mpg ????? shocking ! ! What were you doing joining.........oh sorry Frank has a petrol engine 😂
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    Wheels off, washed under the arches, cleaned the wheels, wheels back on, centre caps refitted for now, washed the car, cleaned all the shuts and under the bonnet. Cleaned the interior, blacked the tyres and now I’m done. I’m knackered. Ran out of plastic detailer and need a new tyre dressing applicator. Sure DDB can help me with that. In good news I’ve managed to get my US style front indicators back on again....woop! Frank went to Whitby and Scarborough from Wednesday and came back 1pm today (Friday), 280 miles and 48mpg. Faultless drive and making me really enjoy driving him again.
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    Hey Many thanks is good to be here :)
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    I’ll be there nice and early!! Breakfast on Si everyone!!!!!!
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    Yeah it’s not the easiest, hence why I made the write up in the first post really to help along the “journey” 😄 If you could all share this event guys and girls, the more the merrier and again no limit for stand space.👍🏻 Thank you 😍
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    So I'm gonna go to this and bringing a friend in his wrapped mini Who else is coming ?
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    Hi Gem. Yes, as the guys Kettlepot and LCWElvin have said above, we’ve loads of space (unlimited) and would be super happy to have you on the stand. A week or or two before the day I upload where we need to meet with times. I will also inbox everyone listed, so make sure everyone has notifications set correctly in your profile settings 😃
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    Thanks for all your replies, does anybody know what time I need to arrive by .
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    @Gem cooper s cab we have no limit to how many we can have, so I'll add you to the list. The details should be on the first post in this topic 😁
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    Hi i would love to exhibit my cooper s Jcw cab at this event,how do I go about it thanks in advance gemma
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    @Alex Todd Welcome to FOM Alex 😃
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    Yes I do. A limited edition 2003 John Cooper Mini Cooper
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    If I didn’t have the seats I’ve got, I’d definitely have those but my ocd would need the rears to match and they are rarer than rocking horse poo !
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    Not 100% sure yet mate. Your better off offering it to someone else to have the full 10 Minis on show. I’m trying my best to make it, don’t mind not parking on the stand (plus mine is’nt good enough for that)
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    Buy food from garage before getting to the top ! Issue = Sorted
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    The car was placed on a SORN in December 2016, this is the final part of getting it back on the road, after driving a countryman during that time I forgot how much I enjoyed driving my R53.
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