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    Spent a little time on Sunday doing my latest mod, which I am very happy with indeed.
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    2nd time round finding the right place for this keep of my photos 😅 hopefully as I improve with my Nikon I can get some practice in with some different cars from the club! I'll continue to add bits and pieces as time goes on.
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    I’ve done a little brake tidy over the last few days which I’m really pleased with.
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    And finally a nice addition customised by Royal Steering Wheels. I was a little nervous at first as I wasn’t sure if the colours would match the work that I had done but it was spot on. #happydays
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    Gaiters done to match
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    Done a few bits over the last week. Most noticeably and unexpectedly I've fitted an AEM intake and a Forge turbo blanket 🤤 Unfortunately this means the strut brace has had to come off. If anyone knows where I can get one to fit (that isn't over £200 like the AEM one!) please let me know. Done a few bits with some reflective heat tape to hopefully prevent the plastic engine cover from melting. I really like the look of the JCW engine cover so hopefully the cover will be alright now it is taped up. I'm contemplating putting the tape on the bottom half of the airbox as it is right next to the engine just to try and keep the temperatures in there a little bit cooler 🤔 The car hasn't been out yet since fitting due to a combination of currently not having a bonnet scoop fitted and me being on night shift. Week off next week so it'll get a proper test then 😊 I've went for the black scoop that Dean linked above. Hopefully I'll like the look of it straight away but, if not, it'll be getting painted Kite Blue and having some viper stripes fitted to match.
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    Now that's a smart workshop! I like the way you've integrated your toolbox to have bench space above. I'm only a little bit jealous...
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    Inspired by something I viewed on YouTube through the global mountain bike network, I have completely rebuilt my workshop area (another first for me), all the old dropping to bits kitchen cabinets installed by the previous owners of our home were removed and I built from scratch using stud work, OSB Board, MDF & Plywood. This is going to last longer than the structure it is built in.
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    Yeah I agree. I think any mods to make it more aggressive would be lost due to the monster truck stance it has going on at the moment. I'll be sure to avoid that one then! If I do manage to find anything I'll be sure to let you know. The badges are just covers but they're a perfect fit (they want to be for the price!) I'm in two minds about the spoiler. I think a retractable spoiler is a bit niche but I always have it up anyway 🤷🏻‍♀️ I'm not sure. We're all looking forward to getting back out! With the ever relaxing rules I'm going to look into what we can do and hopefully get something arranged soon
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    Nice work there Dan. Certainly getting to grips with the camera 👍🏻
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    Feel like I've posted these everywhere today 😆 but some of Dean's F56 from a quick shoot today...
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    So today this happened. Big thanks to @Mr Watton and @LewisE for the help. I think the gloss black works really well with the other black parts. I’m over the moon with it. Quality is top notch too. Perfect fit.
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    Why thank you sir. I have had this in mind for ages but it took me a while to pull the trigger on it.
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    Result ! A cheap fix, happy days
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    Been a while. Things getting done slowly. cars in for a paddle clutch on Saturday then the following Tuesday I’m off to DervTech for a Map. Had a secret intercooler fitted 2 weeks ago by Matty at DarlingtonBM. hoping for around 320bhp and 450nm. bought the OEM Carbon JCW gearstick an handbrake. Thinking of getting the Alcantara wheel but I know these need to be raged care of otherwise they go shiny!
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    Great, thanks Dean I'll check it out at the next meet.
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    @F56DEAN thanks for that, the scoop looks good and a sensible price - gloss black would match my grill, lights and so on - need to see one in the flesh really though
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    @LewisE @Kai2k is this an ‘aggressive scoop’? they do a good F56 one so I had a browse for R56/R59 for you both https://www.neobrothers.co.uk/accessories/exterior-accessories/bonnet-scoop/gloss-black-bonnet-hood-scoop-2
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    Yup I've fallen victim to the whole websites not being updated trap lol. What a shame, I had my hopes up there.
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    MOT passed with advisories Rear tyres have cracks in them (not using the car enough) - photo shows plenty of tread but cracks????? Hand brake operation (repeated Concern - suspected Caliper as I have replaced the cable and lever) - a task for the future probably change both sides. Power steering pump slight leak (will have to investigate)
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    I've finally finished the dechrome (apart from the roll over hoops which are a pig to do). Badges have been blacked and the belt line is done. I'm quite happy with how the car is looking now though it in desperate need of lowering to complete the look. The idea of getting a more aggressive bonnet scoop has been going around in my mind but I'm unsure whether the car would actually suit it.. Opinions? I've also been looking into a fixed JCW rear spoiler. I'm not 100% convinced on it yet and I'm reluctant to spend the money in case I don't like it on my car. They're bloody expensive and I'd have to get it imported from the USA. For those that don't know they look a little something like this 👇 Slowly but surely we're getting there. With working so much lately I haven't had time to get bits done that I want to or even just go out for a drive. It was exactly a month yesterday since the car last came out of the garage; I'm glad I got it out and I'm looking forward to when we can all get out to play again!
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    The front grille looks spot on. Looks so much better than the standard one from the factory. Fingers crossed for the MOT 🤞
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    Changed the front grills months ago on the cabriolet
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    Very nice addition that steering wheel
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    Looks very smart this 👌
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    A few from meeting Dean and Sam up near Stanhope yesterday.
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    Thanks guys 👍
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    They need a scrub up but I bought some second hand rubber mats, and a Mini branded bulldog who I've decided to call Stefan 😂 I also have a pair of spoiler extensions in for painting so I'll post when they're all fitted!
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    Great shots Dan.
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    Some good photos here Dan, you are certainly getting to grips with the camera 👍🏻
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    Watching “Back to the Future” ! I don’t think I have seen any of these films in their entirety from start to finish, it’s always been a. Bit here and a bit there
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    Booking a hotel at lythum for next year before they release the dates for the festival and everything’s still cheap 😉
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