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    @Kai2k they'll not be going on now until my winter tyres come off next year 😞plus they need Spigot Rings before I can fit them I actually live near Bishop Auckland but I'm in Newcastle a lot for work. I've been wanting to see yours in the flesh now you've got the lowering springs on. Drop me a message on FB and I'm sure we can arrange something 😁
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    Mine was done at mate’s rates, and I took the parts off for him to wrap
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    Hi Andy from Hertfordshire saying Hello ! I have a 2006 Cooper S, reasonably well specced I think, xenons, twin panoramic roofs, heated front screen, leather interior Covered 99k with a full service history, had the car just on a month, so far, its had a full service, new tyres all round, new car mats, bee sting aerial, coil pack and leads, K&N panel filter Enjoying the car so far, quite quick, although the gearing seems very long, its not as good on fuel as the EP3 Civic it replaced
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    All the chrome on my Mini has been vinyl wrapped gloss black. Roof has been vinyl wrapped gloss black too (spoiler needs to be done still). Mirrors vinyl wrapped gloss red πŸ‘πŸ» My mate did it all for me
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    @Bornared Did you do yours in gloss black? If so what products did you use etc? I've been looking at dechrome kits on the likes of eBay but they seem so expensive! @Kai2k Thanks man, you'll have to see it in the flesh! See if I can't sway you to buy an Aero kit for yours 😜
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    Rear lights look much better with chrome gone πŸ˜‰
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    @LCWElvin that looks cracking!

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