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    Just popped out to take a quick picture as tbh I’m not keen on the white. I thought it would grow on me but I’m not so sure.
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    Pretty cool but I won’t be splashing cash at that price any time soon.
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    I’d be up for this again, always enjoy MMM 😊
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    Hi, Hopefully a simple question, will none run flat tyres fit standard mini R56 Cooper S alloy's? If so what reasonably priced tyres would you fit? Any help would be appreciated thanks. Sparky
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    heya @Kiddkaos , welcome to FULL ON MINIs
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    Car looks good ! photos look good ! nice one Scott
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    Just took some more snaps. They are growing on me. 😂
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    I use Goodyear Eagle F1s. Great performance in both the wet and dry
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    Awesome stuff, that looks mega! Persevere with the white, I think it looks great
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    Just starting on the door cards, just done the handle section but seems the rest of the gloss black parts are plastic welded to the door card! 😳
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    Quick bit of Alcantara done. Struggling to get the part of behind the Rev counter!
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    Demon Tweeks ok eBay. I’ve been waiting fir an eBay discount to pop up I ordered tyres on Sunday then a 20% code goes live on Tuesday 😳 there where £245 for 4 and would have saved £50! The reviews for these tyres are awesome!
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    Some fantastic looking Minis there. 👍🏼
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    Tyres bought. Went for Falken FK510’s as the reviews seem awesome. Hopefully I’ll have them fitted by next weekend.
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    /// Info for the day /// For those of you located from the North East our first meet point will be Durham Services DH6 5NP about 7am, leaving at around 7.15. We will drive to our next point at Morrisons Boroughbridge, the postcode YO51 9HS. We should arrive there around 8am and we will leave for Newby Hall about 8:20am . Note that other clubs will be here so be cautious of available space. As per the attached map we will be based in the GB area which is a superb spot. We will have the event shelter and i will have water for club members and possibly some food if club funds allow. I will also have stickers and Key rings, see me directly for these. If anyone needs me please call 07964 916525. Looking forward to seeing you on the day
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    Test fitted the wheels.. it’s tight but I think they will work. Also fitted the JCW Splitter sections on the front lower bumper and added the spoiler extensions.
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    Now I've experienced it I completely understand what I've heard about the website, I've got a headache after looking at that 😅
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    In case anyone was interested in how my Mini looks under its new owner
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