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  1. Last week
  2. 😳🤣 tbh Ive not gone too mad. When the engine goes an I forge it that’s when I’m in trouble!
  3. We are well over due photo evening. its always nice to get a photo taken by someone else’s eye.
  4. It pulls well 🤪! absolute monster to be honest. 311hp an 483nm! Base run was 250hp with the few mods it had.
  5. I'd love to! Always looking to practice 👍and thank you 😄
  6. Some cracking snaps there Dan! You are more than welcome to snap my motor when we next get out.
  7. All stationary. Tried taking one or two rollers, I'm slowly but surely working out how to achieve a sense of movement 👍
  8. Looking good, Some cracking shots there. Is that last one a stationery shot or moving ?
  9. Thanks @f56_dan I’m not really sure what’s next, probably a bit of maintenance. I’ve just picked up a 2nd set of wheels to use as winters (similar to my originals)
  10. Had a crack at some lower light photos one evening 👍
  11. Hey this is all coming together so nicely! What's next?
  12. You all need to stop doing improvements like this, I really like them. It is only going to cost me money. Very nice.
  13. So today this happened. Big thanks to @Mr Watton and @LewisE for the help. I think the gloss black works really well with the other black parts. I’m over the moon with it. Quality is top notch too. Perfect fit.
  14. Yes it’s always a worry with something like that, that it won’t be up to par. You’ve nailed it there though. Looking forward to seeing it in the flesh. 👍
  15. Why thank you sir. I have had this in mind for ages but it took me a while to pull the trigger on it.
  16. Earlier
  17. I’ve done a little brake tidy over the last few days which I’m really pleased with.
  18. I’m not sure to be honest. Had the clutch done today and the pedal feel is horrific 😭 it’s very very light with a hard spot at the bottom, works well but I can’t live with it as it is. Clutch company say it needs 500mike to bed in but I can see it changing.
  19. Another flat bottom! Looks epic.
  20. And finally a nice addition customised by Royal Steering Wheels. I was a little nervous at first as I wasn’t sure if the colours would match the work that I had done but it was spot on. #happydays
  21. Gaiters done to match
  22. Well, I decided to go for a stripe down either side as it allowed the centre to be irritation free
  23. Title says it all really. I personally feel that risks are much lower than they were and with a bit of common sense a run is possible. Appreciate the thoughts of others.
  24. My latest Edition to my car has been my recent sponsorship from @carlock.co Now i can see where my car is at all times and make sure that no one is touching it who shouldn't be! Then was the search for an OBD Extender cable so i can shut the door and hide it behind the trim.
  25. Result ! A cheap fix, happy days
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