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  2. Always up for a run out if it’s not my weekend at work
  3. So I know a few of you are itching for another run out! I'm proposing a 'mini' run out (pun intended) up to Hartside one weekend in May to tide us over until the next proper run. With the Cafe being a bit broken Fish and Chips in Alston might be in order. Interested? Have a vote in the poll 👍
  4. The car was placed on a SORN in December 2016, this is the final part of getting it back on the road, after driving a countryman during that time I forgot how much I enjoyed driving my R53.
  5. Yesterday
  6. Lows, front splitter and diffuser. The first photo is super old and well before the time I bought mine 😃 and thank you @Cabrales 😃
  7. What do you mean your 'replicated' it, Mr Watton? Both Minis look amazing btw.
  8. Last week
  9. Dropped off earlier in the week with those I trust at AW Autoworks to check over everything I had done, pre MOT inspection and MOT.
  10. Hello @Cabrales, Welcome to FULL ON MINIs. Please feel free to browse around and get to know the others. If you have any questions please don't hesitate to ask. Cabrales joined on the 18/04/19. View Member
  11. Hey everyone, Is anyone wanting to do MINI at home? It’s £8 a tick, then a further £8 if you are wanting to do a tour around the MINI Plant too. Of course saying that, this event is based at the MINI Plant 😃 We do have a club stand and tickets tickets must be purchased from the Luxewerx website: https://www.luxewerx.com/mini-at-home Tickets must be purchased ASAP if you want to go, only a few are left available.
  12. Depends on how many stone chips, just a few then a touch up stick from MINI would be my bet, if there’s loads then I’d budget for a respray 👍🏻
  13. I love a good bit of movie cheese! 🧀
  14. Lets not be assuming to much just yet ! I do have a mean streak but I’m guessing you may be quite quick too. One day we might get to find out who’s quicker
  15. What’s the best stuff to use on small stone chips on the bonnet please? Sorry to hijack your thread, kinda related...
  16. Ah shame I live the other end of the country then! You’d probably beat me @Kettlepot to be fair, purely based on your dedication to motors and that, plus the backing of the boss - but you never know 😉. Sorry James, I’ve taken over your thread a bit lol!
  17. Ahhh damn, unable to get the arm off. Even after soaking for a while in WD, not budging. I’ll have to get a puller which isn’t a bad thing I guess as I’ll have loads of other uses for it 😂 so gave him a wash behind the ears this morning before I go back to more home DIY 👍🏻
  18. Earlier
  19. Thanks a lot 👍👍are you going to Auto Italia at Brooklands 🤔
  20. @Mr Watton I haven't cleaned mine yet either.. Unfortunately MINI did it for me 🙄 They look the business and 'seem' to be holding air! Time will tell though 🤷🏻
  21. Yeah last Saturday. Haven't cleaned Frank since the run, needs some tlc and a polish up really. Are your wheels ok now @LCWElvin ?
  22. Rear wiper delete to do, after house things 😃 Actual picture of actual bung to fit on actual MINI, actually!
  23. Decorating! Got away with it last last weekend due to “MINI” stuff going on, but cannot get away with it this weekend 😂
  24. If there were cars in Star Wars then id have been all over it haha.....oh, pizza 🤣
  25. Arh I’m actually in shock that u don’t know!?! I must be a proper Star Wars dweeb to assume people understood
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