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  2. Seeing as my non-Mini(thanks Si😢) is in the body shop til whenever, I wasn’t fancying rocking up in a Jaguar XF diesel but my son has said I might be able to use his Abarth! So I might just be coming after all! Plus it’ll be funny coz Abarth North East are there too but I’ll be hanging with the Minis😈
  3. I'm planning on attending, fat hippo sealed the deal!! I haven't met anyone from here yet so will be good to put faces to usernames 👌🏼
  4. Thanks guys, I’m going to pop along to the BTG open day and have a chat with them. I’ve heard Lohen are a popular choice, might be worth a look. I’m not after crazy power, just a few more ponies 🐎 but not enough to compromise reliably.
  5. Yesterday
  6. I had forgot you still had this issue. I’d need to retrace my steps, firstly with MyCarly and a Bluetooth dongle (which we’ve tried), then if that fails it would be INPA via the laptop and OBD cable to totally rule out any hot and cold bulb checks.
  7. @Kettlepot just picking this up. So I’ve had a bulb warning since I fitted LEDs which again were marketed as CANBUS ready. Initially it gonged once at start then no more. Now it does it at random, sometimes hardly ever, sometimes once every 5 mins. I want to disable bulb checking completely. Are you saying a simple app (plus I presume an OBD2 connector) can do this? I think @Mr Watton tried this on mine but the warning came back. Any advice would certainly earn people beers !
  8. Hmm. So @LewisE it was some time ago but stage 1 was going to give me 218 bhp I believe plus loads more torque. Sure with a rolling road was about £500. Don’t quote me though my memory may be failing me ha ha
  9. I’ve been before it’s excellent - https://www.arcadeclub.co.uk/leeds/
  10. Did you ever get any figures or prices off them? 👀👀
  11. As @Mr Watton says the Lohen packs do exactly what they say on the tin and are tried and tested. We've both pretty much got stage 2 hardware so we're planning on hopefully having a look down next year to see what power we're producing and to get the cars mapped. If you're looking for a custom setup and map then 200bhp could most likely be achieved without any real mods. But a better air filter, spark plugs and a better flowing exhaust wouldn't go a miss (and would sound so much better) I've heard good things about BTG Performance and they're probably spot on for the level of tuning you're looking at. I know that Abarth Club North East get a lot of cars done there and @j13_wtt and @MattyH92 had theirs mapped there too. So they could give a much better account of them than I can. Let us know how you get on!
  12. @Mr Watton depends who's driving it as to how quick it dies 😉
  13. Hey @lewismason1310, welcome to FOM. I have that exact tuning kit, and its awesome! Its a shame they dont do it anymore, Genuine MINI Parts used to do them but i cant find that kit anymore. I always wonder if the map on my car is actually a stage 1, because ever since it went into MINI some years back it never felt the same again, as it it had been flashed with non JCW software. I guess ill never know. With that said, im thinking of going down the Lohen route with the manic set up. Im sure they do different levels of tuning to match your needs, even at 200bhp. Be good to get a rolling road to see what power you currently have, then go from there. Thats my plan with @LewisE Example Lohen Performance Packs... Pack 1 = https://www.lohen.co.uk/lohen-power-pack-1 Pack 2 = https://www.lohen.co.uk/lohen-power-pack-2 You also have our sponsor @Orranje and they do loads of tuning parts to help boost that power output, like an induction kit and sports cat, pair that with a nice intercooler from Airtec and you're almost there id have thought Orranje R56 Tuning = https://orranje.co.uk/shop-by-car/bmw-mini/mini-generation-2
  14. @Kai2k exactly, be plenty of MINIs blasting round this one, including mine! Bets on how quick my engine dies hey ?? haha
  15. Me too @Kai2k I've loaded them into the FOM Calendar so we shouldn't miss any of these now
  16. That actually sounds quite interesting haha
  17. Ah @Mr Watton this is EXACTLY what I was after. Thanks ever so much 👍
  18. Sorry I can’t make this one. Really fancied it too but I’m at Leeds playing geeky retro arcade games lol. Have a great time.
  19. Thanks @Mr Watton that’s great. I really fancy this. I may have to go to Canada with work but I’m thinking pay a bit extra for a hotel with a cancellation option. Also I’d probably head back the Sunday night when the show ends. It’s about 3 hours with a decent stop which should be ok. Just saves me a days leave. I’m deffo a maybe on this. I’ll confirm soon. Thanks.
  20. Oh no! I like totally want to watch MINIs racing. Guess though I’ll get to see that anyway if I attend MINI in the park eh @Mr Watton ? 😀
  21. We need to be there for 9.30 am as a group to get parked up in a good place for Sunday. In other news Fat Hippo Fleet will be there with much naughty food, yummmm! 😃 Please post your name if your coming so I have an idea of numbers, just turning up on Sunday isn’t enough 😉
  22. Last week
  23. After damaging beyond repair my IPhone cable when taking the interior apart in the summer (trapped it in the seat runner) which I had installed 12 years ago and failing to finding a replacement that worked, I decided it was time for some Bluetooth. New pioneer head unit installed nothing fancy. Some during and after I mages.
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