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  1. Last week
  2. I also installed a battery cut of switch I was sick of it going flat as I don’t use the car much
  3. Sorted out the panoramic sunroof seal this morning. https://www.newtis.info/tisv2/a/en/f10-535i-xdrive-lim/repair-manuals/54-slide-tilt-sunroof-soft-top/54-12-slide-tilt-sunroof/1MBcBubD
  4. Given the strange world we are all currently existing in, I thought I’d get some normality going (thank god I’m classed as a key worker). I installed one of my Christmas gifts - Helix short shifter - it certainly does what’s it states and has reduced the gear Shift travel. Before, during and after photos attached. I also have the same item for a 2004 onwards model if anybody would like to collect it, provided in error by the supplier. The convertible is in for its MOT next week, all appears fine I am just awaiting delivery of coolant to change that out. http://store.helix13.com/template/install_guides/SSK.pdf
  5. Do you wish to be first to set a challenge ? (I don’t play on it nearly enough)
  6. Sounds good to me Ian, I'd be up for a bit of friendly competition and a digital drive out 👍🏻
  7. Earlier
  8. Does anyone now of a set of colour changing strip lights where the controller can be wired into a car ? I have seen them with 12v socket adaptors, but I want to hide everything and possibly take a feed of a different circuit.
  9. For those of you that know me on a personal level will know that the MINI has taken a bit of a back seat over the past 2.5 years. I have also struggled for inspiration on what to do next (as you will know I don't like to follow the norm). On being told to go and tidy the garage (I didn't need to be told twice) I found an old set of headlights that I was planning to strip and do something funky, and given the amount of joey mods that's going on at the moment due to the quarantine. Needless to say, I got a bit distracted (the below pic will give you an idea). I have some ideas but I'm not sure if I have the knowledge with LED lighting to pull it off.
  10. For all of you stuck indoors, Shallowing we have a digital drive out and a bit of a competition. For all with a games console, Something like fastest lap of the Nurburgring in a MINI ? Longest drift, most points drifted on specific track. To keep this fair, it will need specific criteria Game, Track, Car, Car Score (I would probably say standard in an attempt to keep cross platform fairness). Obviously, evidence will be required. Take a picture of your screen with points/time displayed. For those on Xbox, I like the Forza series of games and feel the Horizon editions give a wide selection of game types for those that might prefer other styles of driving to simple racing. We could even arrange a digital club drive out ????? We could even set daily challenges (set by different people to help with variety) Thoughts ?
  11. @Mr Watton Can you edit the title to CANCELLED please? i've tried but no access to edit... Luxewerx announced its cancellation this morning, MINI have said 2021 it will return
  12. No worries mate! Roll on freedom!!
  13. Hey Dean, yeah I've never tried with tape - it's probably too wide. Of course I'll help you once lockdown is over. Just need somewhere dry and power for hair dryer. Plus a good tip is for the car to have been dry for a few days as water can seep out from under the belt line while you are doing it even when it looks dry. I just re-did a couple of sections I wasn't happy with and it looks great now.
  14. Thank you, I found out that the speedline wheels are actually heavier than my standard wheels. Needless to say they got removed from selection pretty quick which was a shame as it was the only ones that the wife agreed with 😂
  15. @Mr Watton looks good can’t wait for isolation to be over
  16. ive tried and it was horrendous with the electricians tape but I have ordered the belt line from SMPS2012 As they had special offer on. Should be here this week if you can help fitting once lockdown is over? @Kai2k
  17. I actually like the stock wheels you got on that beautiful, beautiful R56! But if need be, I like the Sparco option the best of your selection. Team Dynamics Pro Race 1.2 are about the only non stock wheel I actually like on a 3rd gen. F56, I'm sure it would look great on a R56 too! Very tastefully done Kettlepot one of the nicest R56 I've seen!
  18. They sound great! I'm a big fan of a 3 cylinder with a proper exhaust on. Sounds better than the 4 cylinder F56s if you ask me 😳
  19. Now I made some small recordings with my phone a while ago, for anyone who would care to know how a 1.5 sounds with a stock S exhaust. The JCW does sound a little nicer but also quite raspy, the exhaust I have gives a warmer tone and I do like the pops on upshift. *use headphones Driveby: Revs:
  20. The blue really pops in the landscape, I like it!✌️
  21. Thanks @LewisE! Yes the 3 pots do sound great actually when combined with a decent exhaust. Here's a clip of a Cooper F56 with a std. JCW exhaust in comparison to a stock one I found on YouTube. Excuse the Dutch language:) Comparison starts at 25sec into the video. Mine has a std. Cooper S exhaust which is already much fruitier as the 1.5 L 3 cylinder makes more noise then the 2.0 L.
  22. I had a little blast out last weekend to 'social distance' myself from everyone.. and I wanted an excuse to see what the exhaust really sounded like. Normal driving around town is relatively unchanged apart from a little bit of a burble when pulling away and accelerating - with the roof up it is sometimes hard to notice. Once you get onto the open road and put your foot down it becomes immediately apparent that the sports cat is there. The exhaust now makes a much more throaty noise and sounds, in my opinion, the way a JCW should sound like from the factory. Pops and bangs on the overrun and when changing gear are also much more profound; this is something I'm very happy with as I'm an overgrown child. 😁 It sounds just right to my ears when I've got the roof down; it is loud enough and makes a nice noise. I rarely drive it in conditions where I need to have the roof up, and I might change my mind about it in the future, but at the moment I think I'm going to leave the rest of the exhaust alone. No sound clips as of yet.. But I'm sure I know a man with a GoPro that may assist with that 😉 Snapped a few bad pictures of a dirty car while I was out, too.
  23. Some great numbers there! I bet it's amazing to drive now What's the soundtrack like? I can imagine the 3 cylinder engine making some great noises!! Top job, the car looks great 😀
  24. Some pictures of the JCW front bits added.. I love the front of this car! apologies the car is a bit dirty tho..
  25. In the end we did get it to slightly above 180 bhp. But I can assure you the real difference is on the road. You go from sort of quick enough for everyday traffic, to a very enjoyable "MINI" experience, or the impression you drive sonething special. On top of that I noticed because the car is less heavy at the front then the 2.0 Cooper S there is almost no understeer, the back-end comes around when going off throttle in corners. And so I'm really pleased with the outcome, greatly recommended. I actually doubt it lacks in performance to a stock S as a Cooper still is 70 kg lighter.
  26. So the car got delivered in early januari, and right away I made an appointment with a professional tuning shop for a custom chip tune of the B38 3 cylinder engine. I was hoping on 170-180 bhp and 280-300 Nm of torque bringing it very close to my old Cooper S Here are the results on the dyno runs on RON 95, don't ask me why I forgot to fill it up with RON 98:/
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