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  2. The exhaust I know how to fit, my problem is the fog lights. Does the BMW have the wiring harness for this swap or do I need some DIY to make it work?
  3. Hi, The bumper should fit, I'm lead to believe that they are all interchangeable. I'd imagine you'll need to install a centre exit exhaust for use with the Cooper S rear bumper. I'd imagine that the wiring harness is slightly different for the Cooper and Cooper S and you'd need to tap into the existing feed for the rear fog light to get a feed for the new ones.
  4. Last week
  5. Hello. Lately I'm being thinking on swap the bumpers on my mini cooper 1.5t 2015 for the cooper s ones, but I have a problem. My mini only has one rear fog light and the cooper s has two. Will it fit and work with both lights? Or do I need to buy new cable ou other stuff for it to work? If so, where can I buy it? Thank you everybody.
  6. I imagine the sound quality is out of this world. I bet you are well chuffed. I can’t wait to hear it !
  7. Been a bit quite since pretty much a month ago, but here's what I was waiting for 😋 The Mini went into Bass Mechanix to have a full speaker upgrade and boot build completed. All in all it took 5 days and that was with some unforseen circumstances to make it more challenging for Monty and this team but they came through regardless. Spec list is as follows; • Rockford Stage 3 slim 10" woofer • Rockford 4 channel amplifier • Rockford PUNCH front components with tweeters • Sound deadening As you might be able to imagine the sound quality is
  8. For this being left along as you were spending all of your time and resource on the Golf, this has had some subtle and tasteful mods. The best maybe yet to come
  9. You aren’t gagging around with this one. It’s got a cracking shine to it too.
  10. Having trouble resizing images on my phone so will Have to update the rest when I find time
  11. VW R32 engine chucked in the boot when I dropped it off for machine work, handled like a pig and not advisable 🤣
  12. Colour coded the fuel filler cap but ultimately didn’t like it so it has been repainted with VHT crackle Black for now
  13. A good wetvac of all material parts and finally the car is clean.
  14. Anthracite headlining, pillars and all associated parts fitted and looking much better, really made the cabin a nicer place to be
  15. Also decided to not bother cleaning the cream headlining so removed it and it went in the bin
  16. The smell of dog had never really left the car so I ripped it apart to find what I presume is half a cairn terrier in hairs under all trim panels and seats etc. Fully cleaned and sanitised for hopefully the final time
  17. Changed the tyres to Goodyear eagle F1 asymmetric 5 in 215/45/17 size and the XL variant as I like a stiff sidewall. There was nothing wrong with the previous tyres but I’ve never got on with continentals
  18. Within a few days of collection I’d chucked a set of H&R lowering springs on to sort out the tractor ride height, dechromed the front grille surround, headlight and taillight bezels and got rid of the bonnet stripes for a much cleaner look and also painted the side scuttles I was fairly happy with this and decided that was the extent of the modifications I was doing.
  19. A bit of a retrospective post following on from my welcome post from ages ago. Thought I’d update as I said initially I wasn’t going to modify it but now I’ve done a few things to make it nicer. Bought at the back end of 2019 as an everyday get me to work and back car from the mini dealership at silverlink. I’d had the car a few days and it soon became apparent the previous owner used the car to chauffeur around a smelly dog as once the car was warm inside the smell must have been released from the seats. Car was also full of dog hairs and dirty marks
  20. New subtle carbon fibre bonnet scoop
  21. Earlier
  22. I’ve de-badged to car to do a proper job of the paint prep. I just can’t decide which MINI logo to use on the bonnet. Does anyone know if F56 emblems fit the R56 ?
  23. Wheeled the car outside to get access around more of the car, while doing passenger side (with the bonnet up) I caught a glimpse of all the flake in the paint and had to take a pic. I’m starting to lose patience with it now, I just want it done.
  24. Plus wife got rid of her Q5 and got a Countryman SD!
  25. Oh, forgot, also got genuine black headlight and tail light surrounds
  26. Quick update, took sat nav speedo out (just couldn’t get app to perform correctly plus radio kept de-tuning itself 🤷🏻‍♂️) replaced with lci stereo and some gp style gauges. I’ve just bagged a set of r112 jcw alloys black for a good price, in my opinion. New tyres going on tomorrow so should get those fitted tomorrow as well. Pic of how car currently stands.
  27. Looking good, makes a change from a G-wing. I do like G-wings but they are everywhere. These are a fantastic alternative
  28. Fitted a new carbon fibre spoiler extension from Maxton Design today
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