…what a day, what a day!

Burnt, understatement, as I know many of our club stand attendees were too.

Thank you so much for all who came along, those who support the club, and hi to the newbies who came along on the stand, those also who took the club cards and to those who purchased some stickers (thank you Amanda for that).

As for the show, the layout and our club placement was perfect. We were historically always placed a the top where the “action arena” was placed, but we always found many people never got to see our stand. As per previous MITPs, it’s way too directed at classic Minis and this is purely visible from walking up and down both sides of the traders area and this is despite there being a huge attendance of new. I’ve seen the comments on facebook saying the same (and from FOM members) so here’s hoping a change of direction for next year.

As for ourselves, FULLONMINIs, the company was awesome so thank you. The quality of MINIs and the time put in to them is amazing! Hats off to you guys n gals for sure!

So, some pics of those who were on our FOM stand as that’s very. Remember, more discussion can be found on our discussion board.

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