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Welcome to FULL ON MINIs.

We are fanatical about MINIs. We love showing them off, but also sharing things we come across on our journeys either by modifying, detailing, going to shows and more.

What this forum/club is intending to do is the following, and this list could be quite exhaustive so I shall make the more important notes:

1) Bring MINIs and the awesome owners together.
2) Bring back MINI etiquette (flash other MINIs, wave, let MINIs pull out of junctions)
3) Have regular meets to keep the club alive and kicking.
4) Have regular runs. The North East has some mega roads, we need to take advantage of them.
5) Our club is non-profit. All proceeds go towards the running of the site.

Like I say I could probably go on and on, however we are flexible and adjustments can be made. Any help from any member would be always welcome…just ask.

Now jump right into our forum/discussion board and become an active member of our growing MINI community.

Simon Watton
FULLONMINIs.co.uk club founder